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Our Mission: PRESERVE, ENHANCE, and RESTORE the quality of the Central Coast’s waters

Success Stories: Each of our success stories demonstrates a measurable improvement in water quality obtained within the Central Coast Region of California. The success stories are diverse and encompass both large and small, point and nonpoint source pollution projects along with other worthy projects we would like to share. This website is always expanding. We will continue to add successful project summaries as our organization continues to fulfill our mission of water quality PRESERVATION, ENHANCEMENT, and RESTORATION.


Non Point Source Program - Success Stories


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San Luisito Creek Success Story
Avila - A Tale of Two Watersheds
Morro Bay National Monitoring Program
Santa Rose Island Rehab.

The Morro Bay National Monitoring Program
A Ten-Year Rangeland Management Practices Study


Santa Rosa Island Rehabilitiation
Rangeland and Road Management Practices