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Tentative Orders - 23/24 April 2009 Board Meeting

Tentative Orders - 23/24 April 2009 Board Meeting

Items to be considered by the Board at the 23/24 April 2009 Board Meeting, organized by agenda item number

Information Items and Other Business

  1. Consideration of Resolution Delegating Powers and Duties to the Executive Officer
  2. Delta Mercury Control Program. Update on the Stakeholder Process – (Informational Item)
  3. Consideration of a Resolution in Support of Regionalization, Reclamation, Recycling and Conservation for Wastewater Treatment Plants
  4. Update of Municipal Wastewater Regionalization Efforts in Placer County – (Informational Item)
  5. Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program: Status of Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program Coalition Group Monitoring and Reporting Program – (Informational Item)

Waste Discharge Requirements

  1. Order Amending Order No. R5-2007-0035 – Consideration of Waste Discharge Requirements General Order for Existing Milk Cow Dairies


  1. El Dorado County and the United States Department of Agriculture, El Dorado National Forest, Rubicon Trail, El Dorado County – Consideration of a Cleanup and Abatement Order
  2. Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1, Lake of the Pines Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nevada County– Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal, Rescission of Cease and Desist Order, and Rescission of Time Schedule Order
  3. Donner Summit Public Utilities District Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nevada County – Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal (NPDES No. CA0081621) and Cease and Desist Order
  4. Oakwood Lake Water District And Beck Properties, Oakwood Lake Subdivision Mining Reclamation Project, San Joaquin County – Consideration of Administrative Civil Liabilities for Mandatory Minimum Penalties

NPDES Permit

  1. City of Rio Vista Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, Solano County – Consideration of Order amending Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5 2008 0108 (NPDES No. CA0079588)

Waste Discharge Requirements

  1. Barrel Ten Quarter Circle Land Company, Barrel Ten Quarter Circle, Escalon Cellars, San Joaquin County – Consideration of Revised Waste Discharge Requirements

Uncontested Enforcement

  1. City of Live Oak Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sutter County – Consideration of Amendment to Cease and Desist Order No. R5 -2009-0012
  2. City of Lincoln Wastewater Treatment Plant, Placer County – Consideration of Order Amending Time Schedule Order No. R5-2008-0157
  3. City of Willows and ECO Resources, Inc., Willows Wastewater Treatment Plant, Glenn County – Consideration of Order Rescinding Cease and Desist Order Willows WWTP CDO No. R5-2006-0010

Other Business

  1. Central Valley Region Emergency, Abandoned and Recalcitrant 2008/2009 2009/2010 Annual Site Priority List, Consideration of Resolution Adopting the Priority List (updated 16 April 2009)

Uncontested NPDES Permits

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permits, 10 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Dicalite Minerals Corporation, Diatomaceous Earth Mine, Shasta County – (renewal)
    2. Wheelabrator Shasta Energy Company, Inc., and Wheelabrator Lassen, Inc., Electrical Power Generation Facilities, Shasta County – (renewal)

Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements for Confined Animal Facilities

  1. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements for Confined Animal Facilities
    1. Alston Farms Dairy No. 2, Tehama County (New Order and Mitigation Declaration)

Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements

  1. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements, 19 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Chico Redevelopment Agency, For Post-Closure Maintenance of Humboldt Road Burn Dump Operational Unit, Butte County (revision)
    2. Chico Redevelopment Agency, For Post-Closure Maintenance of Humboldt Road Private Properties Operational Unit, Butte County (revision)
    3. George Reed, Inc., Munn & Perkins Aggregate Processing Facility, San Joaquin County – (revision)
    4. San Joaquin County Department of Public Works, Harney Lane Landfill, Class III Landfill, San Joaquin County – (revision)
    5. Setton Properties, Inc., Pistachio Processing Plant No. 2, Tulare County – (new)
    6. Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources, Geer Road Class III Landfill, Post-Closure Maintenance and Corrective Action, Stanislaus County – (revision)
    7. Starwood Power-Midway, LLC and PAO Investments, LLC Starwood – Midway Power Plant, Fresno County – (new)
    8. Sulara Enterprises, Inc., For Post-Closure Maintenance of Drilling Mud Disposal Facility, Glenn County – (revision)
    9. Taft Federal Prison Wastewater Treatment Facility, Kern County – (revision rescinding NPDES Permit No.CA0083755)
    10. Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc., Altamont Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility Class II and Class III Municipal Solid Waste Landfills and Class II Surface Impoundments, Construction, Operation, and Corrective Action, Alameda County – (revision)

Uncontested NPDES Permit Rescissions

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permit Rescissions, 8 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. County of Plumas, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Gopher Hill Landfill Leachate Disposal System, Plumas County – Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5-2002-0159 (NPDES No. CA0084875) for Conversion to NPDES General Order No. R5-2008-0082 (NPDES Order No. CAG995002)
    2. Formica Corporation, Sierra Plant, Placer County – Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5-2005-0055 (NPDES No. CA0004057) and Cease and Desist Order No. R5-2005-0056

Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirement Rescissions

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permit Rescissions, 9 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Dicker Pistachio Processing Plant, Madera County, Order No. 92-192
    2. Pacific, Gas and Electric Company, McDonald Island Gas Storage Facility, Order Number 96-176, San Joaquin County
    3. J.R. Simplot Company and Occidental Chemical Corporation, Former Courtland Facility Groundwater Treatment System, Yolo County, Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. 97-008
    4. Union Pacific Railroad Company Former Maintenance Facility, Tracy, San Joaquin County, Order No. 98-213
    5. Mencarini And Jarwin, Inc., dba Chrome Craft, Former Chrome Craft Facility, Sacramento County, Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5-2004-0017

Uncontested Change of Name and/or Ownership

  1. Uncontested Change of Name and/or Ownership, 12 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. CEMEX Lemon Cove Sand & Gravel Plant, Tulare County, Order No. 74-151
    2. CEMEX Friant Sand & Gravel and Batch Plant, Fresno County, Order No. 90-083
    3. Golden Feather Mobile Home Park LLP, Oroville, Butte County, Order No. 91-163
    4. Rancheria Angus RV Park, Shasta County, Order No. 93-004

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