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LARWQCB Basin Plan

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Basin Plan for the Coastal Watersheds of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

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Water Quality Control Plan: Los Angeles Region
Basin Plan for the Coastal Watersheds of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

The Los Angeles Regional Board's Basin Plan is designed to preserve and enhance water quality and protect the beneficial uses of all regional waters. Specifically, the Basin Plan (i) designates beneficial uses for surface and ground waters, (ii) sets narrative and numerical objectives that must be attained or maintained to protect the designated beneficial uses and conform to the state's antidegradation policy, and (iii) describes implementation programs to protect all waters in the Region. In addition, the Basin Plan incorporates (by reference) all applicable State and Regional Board plans and policies and other pertinent water quality policies and regulations. Those of other agencies are referenced in appropriate sections throughout the Basin Plan.

The Basin Plan is a resource for the Regional Board and others who use water and/or discharge wastewater in the Los Angeles Region. Other agencies and organizations involved in environmental permitting and resource management activities also use the Basin Plan. Finally the Basin Plan provides valuable information to the public about local water quality issues.

The Basin Plan is reviewed and updated as necessary. Following adoption by the Regional Board, the Basin Plan and subsequent amendments are subject to approval by the State Board, the State Office of Administrative Law (OAL), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).