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Temperature Policy Amendment

Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the North Coast Region to Establish a Policy for the Implementation of Temperature Objectives and Establish Implementation Plans for the Eel, Mattole, and Navarro TMDLs


North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board) staff is proposing Basin Plan revisions that will add a policy to implement the water quality objective for temperature. The amendment will also add additional action plans to implement total maximum daily loads for temperature in the Navarro, Eel, and Mattole watersheds. The proposed revisions to the Basin Plan include changes to Chapter 4 - Implementation Plans.

Note: The Regional Water Board directed staff to prepare an amendment incorporating a temperature implementation policy into the Basin Plan by adoption of resolution R1-2012-0013.

The proposed Basin Plan amendment will describe the approach to implementing the interstate water quality objective for temperature in one cohesive policy. It will identify the regulatory mechanisms staff will employ to ensure achievement of the water quality objective for temperature, it will describe the significance of stream shade as a factor determining stream temperatures, and it will direct staff to address temperature concerns through existing authorities and processes.

The proposed Basin Plan amendment will also establish implementation plans for the Navarro, Mattole, Upper Main Eel, Middle Main Eel, Lower Eel, Middle Fork Eel, North Fork Eel, and South Fork Eel River temperature total maximum daily loads.

Available Documents

March 13, 2014 Public Hearing Materials

The Regional Water Board considered the Policy and Action Plans at a public hearing during the Regional Water Board's November 20, 2013 meeting in Santa Rosa, California. The Regional Water Board deferred action at that time and directed staff to define the term "site potential effective shade" and clarify the concept, with particular discussion of how the concept is applied and assessed. Staff have developed additional material in response to the Regional Water Board's direction, which are now available for review.
Additional Materials:

There is no public comment period associated with the additional materials, however interested parties can provide comment at the March 13, 2014 public hearing.

November 20, 2013 Public Hearing Materials
The following documents were considered by the Regional Water Board at the November 20, 2013 public hearing:

Public Review Drafts (comment period closed)

Public Review Draft Staff Report Supporting the Policy for the Implementation of the Water Quality Objectives for Temperature and Action Plan to Address Temperature Impairment in the Mattole River Watershed, Action Plan to Address Temperature Impairment in the Navarro River Watershed, and Action Plan to Address Temperature Impairment in the Eel River Watershed, August 30, 2013. (Public Review Draft Staff Report)

Individual Sections of the Public Review Draft Staff Report for ease of downloading:

Draft Basin Plan Amendment Language:

The Draft Policy above incorporates Resolution R1-2012-0013, which was adopted on January 19, 2012, and is not subject to comment.

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For information, comments, or questions concerning the Temperature Policy Amendment please contact Bryan McFadin at 707-576-2751 or Bryan.McFadin@waterboards.ca.gov

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Updated March 10, 2014