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General Interest Topics

All Available UST Updates
If you wish to receive all available UST updates, please subscribe to this electronic mailing list. If you wish to receive updates in only specific areas, please subscribe to individual lists, below.

Program Requirements and Guidance
Updates on UST program requirements and guidance (only). Program requirements include statutes, regulations, and the local ordinance list. Policies relevant to the UST program are also included. Guidance includes Local Guidance (LG) Letters. This list will also serve for official SWRCB rulemaking notifications.

Leaking Underground Fuel Tank (LUFT) Manual
Information and update(s) on the LUFT manual.

UST Low-Threat Closure Policy
Information and updates on the Underground Storage Tank Low-Threat Closure Policy

Single-Walled UST Permanent Closure Requirement
Information and Updates on the Single-walled Underground Storage Tank Permanent Closure Requirement: December 31, 2025

UST Personnel

Information and guidance specifically for various UST personnel.

Information of potential interest to individuals who own or operate UST systems

Designated Operator
Information of potential interest to individuals designated by the UST owner to have responsibilities for training facility employees and for conducting a monthly visual inspection at the UST facility

Service Technician
Information of potential interest to individuals who install or test monitoring equipment, or who provide maintenance, service, system programming or diagnostics, calibration, or trouble-shooting for UST system components

UST Installer
Information of potential interest to persons who install UST systems or components.

Licensed Tank Tester
Information of potential interest to persons who test underground storage tanks systems.

Equipment Manufacturer
Information of potential interest to manufacturers of UST equipment, including leak detection equipment, monitoring equipment, piping, tanks, and other components.

CUPA / PA UST Managers and Inspectors
UST Managers/Inspectors of Certified Unified Program Agencies and Participating Agencies.  This email list is for members of this described group; and, membership will be approved by Water Board staff prior to acceptance.

Additional Areas of Interest

Information regarding compliance with and enforcement of UST program requirements. Confidential enforcement information will not be available through this list.

Tank Tester Licensing
Updates from the Office of Tank Tester Licensing element of the UST program. This program element establishes minimum qualifications for those who test underground storage tank systems.

Cleanup Information
Updates regarding the cleanup element of the UST program. This program element is for cleanup of releases from USTs to soil or groundwater.

Cleanup Fund

Local Guidance Letters

Leak Prevention and Detection
Updates on the leak prevention element of the UST program. This program element is to prevent and detect leaks from operating USTs. Topics include installation, tank construction, tank testing, monitoring, spill containment and overfill protection.

Training & Conferences
Updates on training and conferences by or affiliated with the SWRCB's UST program.

More Information

  • Questions regarding the above topics can be directed to the Underground Storage Tank Program Staff.
  • Underground Storage Tanks Program web page.
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