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South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Administrative Civil Liability Complaint

a. Hearing Notice
b. ACLC Technical Report and Appendices
c. Prosecution's Case*
     i. Brief
     ii. Index of reports
d. South San Luis Obispo County Case *
     i. Brief , Witness and Evidence List
e. Prosecution Team's Rebuttal*
     i. Brief
     ii.Witness list (revised)
     ii. Index of documents
f. Public Comment Letters
g. Public Comment Letter 2
h. Hearing Transcript
i. Chair’s Ruling on Objections to Conduct of Administrative Hearing
j. Final Order No. R3-20120041 - adopted and signed
Note: Some of the copies of Draft Order No. R3-2012-0041 handed out to members of the public and the Board at the Board meeting on October 3, 2012, inadvertantly did not include page 10 of the Draft Order. The Order signed by Mr. Harris does include page 10 to accurately reflect the Order deliberated on by Board members and voted on during open session.
k. Press Release on Water Board's Decision
l. October 3, 2012 - Transcript
* Each of the components marked with an asterisk has additional supporting documentation. If you are interested in reviewing this material, please contact the Waterboard at (805) 549-3147.
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