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Groundwater Extraction Reporting

The State Water Board is responsible for collecting and reviewing the annual Groundwater Extraction Reports required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Reporting Requirements

Who has to report?

Any person that extracts groundwater from an unmanaged area or a probationary basin must file a groundwater extraction report with the State Water Board. The State Intervention Fact Sheet provides details on unmanaged areas and probationary basins.

Are there exceptions?

De minimis extractors in unmanaged areas are exempt from reporting, but de minimis extractors in probationary basins may be required to report. The State Intervention Fact Sheet provides details on de minimums extractors. The State Water Board may also choose to exclude a class or category of extractions from reporting pursuant to Water Code section 10735.2(c).

Will I be notified if I have to report?

You are automatically required to file a groundwater extraction report to the State Water Board if you extract groundwater in an unmanaged area and do not meet one of the exceptions described above. The State Water Board plans to notify groundwater extractors of their reporting requirement in mid-August 2017. If you are extracting groundwater from an unmanaged area and do not receive a notification letter from the State Water Board you are still required to file a groundwater extraction report. Click here for an interactive map that will help you find out if you are located in an unmanaged area.

What has to be reported?

Groundwater extraction reports must identify well owner information, well location, well capacity, monthly extraction volumes, place(s) of use, and purpose(s) of use. Extraction volumes must be measured by a method satisfactory to the State Water Board. Details on measurement methods are available here.

How are reports filed?

Groundwater extraction reports must be filed online through the State Water Board’s Groundwater Extraction Reporting website. The website is currently under development and will be available in early-August 2017.

When are reports due?

Groundwater extraction reports are due by December 15 of each year for extractions made during the previous water year (Oct. 1 – Sep. 30). Water Year 2017 reports are due by December 15, 2017.

Do reporters have to pay fees?

Yes. Visit our Fees page for details.

Groundwater Extraction Reporting Implementation Schedule

Event Schedule*
GSA formation deadline June 30, 2017
Coordinate with DWR on identifying unmanaged areas Mid-July 2017
Notify unmanaged area extractors of reporting requirements Mid-August 2017
Water Year 2017 reporting begins October 1, 2017
Water Year 2017 reports due December 15, 2017
Water Year 2018 reports due December 15, 2018
Water Year 2019 reports due December 15, 2019