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Russian River Tributaries Emergency Regulation Informational Order

  • Please fill out and submit a separate web form below for each water source (i.e., surface water diversion, groundwater diversion, or water supplied by an entity to the specified parcel). As you move through the form, use the browser's back function to return to a previous section to revise your information.
  • To print or review the example forms, click here.

Questions regarding this form can be directed to: Phone: 916-322-8422 or Email: rr_tribs_emergency_reg@waterboards.ca.gov

If you have previously started this form you can continue by entering your Identification Code and Password, and clicking "Submit."

If you are adding another water source for this Identification Code, please check here . This will create an additional record and avoid overwriting previously submitted information

You will need to note the time stamp added to the Identification Code, to access the additional record for the additional water source. Your Password will remain the same.

If you forgot your login information for an additional water source or sources please log in using your original Identification Code and password. All additional water sources associated with this Identification Code will be displayed under the login box below. You can then type the appropriate Identification Code into the login box. Your password will remain the same.
Note: Start by entering your Identification Code, and entering your Password - 3 capital letters followed by 3 numbers (e.g., ABC123).

The Identification Code is your 12-digit parcel number including dashes (e.g., 123-456-789-000) or your 7-digit water supplier number (e.g., 4901234) as shown on the letter you received by mail.
The password will be the six-digit code shown on the letter you received by mail.
Items marked with an asterisk* are required.
Scroll through and Select Your Identification Code* here.
If your Identification Code or Parcel Number is not in the drop-down box and you need to make changes to the information you submitted, please call 916-322-8422. Please leave your name, parcel number, and telephone number and staff will return your call the same day or the next business day.


Do not copy and paste. Hidden spaces or characters will cause an error to occur. If you get an error message, clear the Identification Code field, and type in the Identification Code and 6-digit extension (if applicable), e.g., 123-456-789 123456.
If you don't know your Identification Code or Password, please contact:
Email: rr_tribs_emergency_reg@waterboards.ca.gov
Phone: 916-322-8422

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