Organization Charts

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  State Water Resources Control Board

  Division of Administrative Services

  Division of Drinking Water
  Northern Branch
  Southern Branch
  Program Management Branch

  Division of Financial Assistance

  Division of Information Technology

  Division of Water Rights

Division of Water Quality
  Ground Water Quality Branch
  Surface Water Regulatory Branch

  Executive Office
  Office of Chief Counsel
  Office of Delta Watermaster
  Office of Enforcement
  Office of Information Management & Analysis
  Office of Legislative Affairs
  Office of Public Affairs
  Office of Public Participation
  Office of Research, Planning & Performance
Regional Quality Control Boards Map

  Region 1 - North Coast
  Region 2 - San Francisco Bay
  Region 3 - Central Coast
  Region 4 - Los Angeles

Region 5 - Central Valley
  Sacramento Office
  Fresno Office
  Redding Office

  Region 6 - Lahontan
  Region 7 - Colorado River Basin
  Region 8 - Santa Ana
  Region 9 - San Diego