REGIONAL CONSIDERATIONS (Lahontan Water Quality Control Board. R6)

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Storm Water Construction/401 WQ Certification Programs: Lahontan Water Board permitting and enforcement staff spent considerable effort in FY 12-13 to prosecute a developer that had buried a stream and destroyed wetlands in the San Bernardino Mountains. The Water Board adopted an ACL and issued a new Cleanup and Abatement Order requiring restoration. The impacts are now being fully restored at the developer's expense. Staff spent considerable time inspecting and issuing informal enforcement actions to Caltrans projects in the Tahoe/Truckee watersheds where staff actions prevented water quality impacts to Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River.

Waste Discharge to Land (WDR): Lahontan Water Board staff continued its enforcement efforts to reduce nitrogen discharges from wastewater treatment facilities and dairies in the south Lahontan Region. Water Board adopted a Cease and Desist Order against Lake Arrowhead CSD to increase inspection and repair/replacement of sewage collection system. Water Board staff issued a new Cleanup and Abatement Order requiring the City of Barstow to begin active treatment of nitrate pollution from poor wastewater disposal practices. The pollution affects several individuals' domestic supply wells and the City is under orders to supply replacement water. Considerable Water Board staff resources were spent on negotiating a settlement and proposed cleanup and abatement order with a major dairy resulting in the closure of the dairy, removal of manure, the establishment of a 300-acre conservation easement along the Mojave River, and a significant monetary penalty. Staff continues to ensure replacement drinking water is supplied by multiple dairies (and a former dairy) to residents with nitrate pollution.

TMDLs: TMDL resources were focused on completing the Region's Integrated Report (the Clean Water Act 303(d) and 305 (b) Report) and on implementing adopted TMDLs. Instead of adopting a TMDL for the 15 pollutant/water body combinations listed in the target, the Water Board will address these listings through the Integrated Report process.

Site Cleanup: Region 6 focused most of its Site Cleanup resources on enforcement actions requiring Pacific Gas and Electric to continue its investigation and cleanup efforts of hexavalent chromium contamination in Hinkley, California and to provide whole household replacement water to affected individuals. Additionally, the Water Board certified an Environmental Impact Report for the comprehensive cleanup.