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Land Disposal Program

Region 3’s Land Disposal staff did not meet the anticipated target for the number of Permits Issued, Revised and Renewed for Land Disposal Landfills. The target was not met because there was an unexpected requirement for a new Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) for a Class II Surface Impoundments which fits under the Permit Issued, Revised and Renewed for Land Disposal All Other category. Region 3 did not have the staff resources to complete the planned renewal of the Land Disposal Landfill WDR and the unexpected new Land Disposal All Other WDR. Therefore, R3 needed to exchange our staff time to complete the new WDR versus the planned update to an existing WDR.

Site Cleanup and Underground Storage Program

R3’s site cleanup program staff did not meet four out of ten anticipated Cleanup Program Sites projected closures. However, these four sites no longer pose a threat to the environment and we are in the process of finalizing these closures after we receive either well abandonment activity completion reports or finalized deed restrictions.

Region 3 experienced a reduction in staff in January of 2012 which resulted in fewer UST cases moved into remediation than originally anticipated. Moving forward targets will be adjusted to reflect available resources.