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Waste Discharge to Land Program
The Groundwater Permitting Unit accomplished 10 permit issued, revised and renewed at 333% of the target. Inspection at all other facilities was short of one count. However, total actual inspection of 31 exceeds total target inspection of 15 at 207% target.

Land Disposal Program
The Land Disposal Unit accomplished 100% of “Permit Issued, Revised and Renewed” commitment (4), 123% of its target for landfill inspections (29), and 313% of its target for all other facility inspections (30).

NPDES Program
In addition to the adopted six major and seven minor permits, there were 27 other related items and actions that went to the Board for adoption or as an information item which should be considered as supplemental accomplishments to the proposed FY 2011-2012 targets. Additional adopted Board items included seven permit terminations (one major and six minors), two permit amendments (one major and one minor), two Time Schedule Orders, four special studies, four dredging permit issuance, five dredging permit terminations as well as two information items and one Board member site visit.

R4 proposed 15 Major Individual permit inspections, 5 Minor Individual permit inspections and 30 General Permit inspections as proposed FY 2011-2012 Targets. These were resource based targets that the Region historically supplemented with CEI contract assistance provided by EPA and consistent with 106 workplan criteria. The listed target of 41 Major individual permits is a data error.

During the FY 2011-2012, the adoption of 10 NPDES permits (three majors and seven minors including two general permits) were being held pending USEPA’s approval for Harbor Toxic TMDL compliance schedule under 303(c).