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Public Comments regarding Consideration of a proposed Resolution amending and readopting drought-related emergency regulations
for urban water conservation to implement Executive Order EO-B-36-15

February 2, 2016 Board Meeting
Item 7

  • Public Notice
  • Deadline to receive comments by: January 28, 2016 by 12:00 noon.
Commenter(s) Submitted by:
Amador Water Agency Robert Manassero
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland
Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency Nicole Sandkulla
Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Eric Fraser
Big Rock Community Services District Craig Bradford
California Municipal Utilities Association Danielle Blacet
California State Senate, Thirty- First District Senator Richard D. Roth
California State Senate, Thirty-First District Senator Richard D. Roth
California Water Association Jack Hawks
California Water Service Shannon Dean
Camrosa Water District Tony Stafford
Carmichael Water District Steve Nugent
Castaic Lake Water Agency Matthew Stone
Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton, Environmental Justice Program Katelyn Sutter
Chino Basin Watermaster
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
City of Chino
Jurupa Community Services District
City of Chino Hills
Monte Vista Water District
City of Pomona
Ontario Municipal Utilities Company
City of Upland
Three Valleys Municipal Water District
Cucamonga Valley Water District
Western Municipal Water District
Peter Kavounas
P. Joseph Grindstaff
Matthew Ballantyne
Todd Corbin
Rad Bartlam
Mark Kinsey
Linda Lowry
Scott Burton
Rod Butler
Richard Hansen
Martin Zvirbulis
John Rossi
City of Antioch Duane Anderson
City of Barstow Charles Mitchell
City of Corona Jonathan Daly
City of Crescent City Eric Wier
City of Davis Public Works Department Stan Gryczko
City of Fairfield George Hicks
City of Folsom Evert Palmer
City of Glendora Chris Jeffers
City of Lincoln Jennifer Hanson
City of Lynwood Raul Godinez II
City of Pasadena Water and Power Shari Thomas
City of Pittsburg Walter Pease
City of Pleasanton Kathleen Yurchak
City of Riverside, Public Utilities Department Girish Balachandran
City of Rolling Hills Raymond Cruz
City of Roseville Richard Plecker
City of Sacramento Department of Utilities Jim Peifer
City of San Diego Public Utilities Department Halla Razak
City of Santa Maria Shad Springer
City of Santa Rosa David Guhin
City of Sierra Madre Elaine Aguilar
City of South Pasadena Sergio Gonzalez
City of Susanville Jared Hancock
City of Vacaville Ramiro Jimenez
Coachella Valley Water District J.M. Barrett
Congress of the United States, House of Representatives Congressman Mark Takano
County of San Bernardino Bob Page
County of San Diego Donald Steuer
Cucamonga Valley Water District Martin Zvirbulis
Desert Water Agency David Luker
Duane Morris on behalf of the City of Bakersfield Colin Pearce
East Bay Municipal Utility District Alexander Coate
Eastern Municipal Water District Paul Jones II
Elizabeth Lovsted
El Dorado Irrigation District Thomas Cumpston
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District
Irvine Ranch Water District
Eastern Municipal Water District
Santa Margarita Water District
John Vega
Paul Cook
Paul Jones II
Daniel Ferons
Exergy Systems, Inc. Azita Yazdani
Friends of the Los Angeles River Shelly Backlar
Fruitridge Vista Water Company Mark Chrisler
Garberville Sanitary District Ralph Emerson
General Public Al Hardoy
General Public Alicia Crancer McCormack
General Public Allen Wrenn
General Public Anonymous
General Public Art Thomas
General Public B Costley
General Public Barry and Toney Schlesinger
General Public Bharat Bhatt
General Public Bill Hollister
General Public Bob and Norma Flautt
General Public Brett Reid
General Public Brian Gardner
General Public Charles Brust
General Public Christie McKay
General Public Christopher Boyd
General Public Claude and Kathleen Gilfillan
General Public Craig Koch
General Public Craig Nagler
General Public Dale Knuth
General Public Dan Field
General Public Dave and Teresha Lee
General Public Dave McDonough
General Public David Lontz
General Public David Meaney
General Public David Mitchell
General Public Deborah
General Public Dennis and Rochelle Huff
General Public Diane Sabonis
General Public Donna and Barry Hacker
General Public Ernest and Wilma Kenney
General Public Gale Smiley
General Public Geri and Chris Farasopoulos
General Public Giorgio Dina
General Public Greg Anderson
General Public Henry Walther
Lia Walther
General Public Holger Fuerst
General Public James Day
General Public James More
General Public Jane Negri
General Public Janice Kemper
General Public Jeff Sousa
General Public Jennifer Banville
General Public Jerry Mountjoy
General Public Jill and Mitch Ruffman
General Public Jim McKay
General Public JoAnn Cannon
General Public John Carr
General Public Jon Wacker
General Public Jonathan Paradis
General Public Joni Thornton
General Public Juliet Voigtlander
General Public Karen Burrell
Garland Burrell
General Public Karen Ray
General Public Katherine Boase
General Public Keith Freitas
General Public Kelly Fox
General Public Khushwinder Garcha
General Public Kristin Camacho
General Public Laurie Markham
General Public Lisa Wong
General Public Lori Sarti
General Public Lou Selder
General Public Marie Blomgren
General Public Mark Calhoon
General Public Marla Ball
General Public Mary Jo Vandermyden
General Public Mary Sirois
General Public Matt Dillon
General Public Michael Gaedke
General Public Mike Simpson
General Public Murray Peters
General Public Nancy Short
General Public Nancy Stangel
General Public Pam and Dave Reynolds
General Public Peter Anderson
General Public Randy Dodd
General Public Ray and Glenda Garcia
General Public Richard and Betty Frederiksen
General Public Richard and Kathleen Garmsen
General Public Richard Gordon
General Public Richard Keilson
General Public Richard Sabin
General Public Ron and Mary Ann Cohan
General Public Ronald Brown
General Public Ruben Grijalva
General Public Scott Bovee
General Public Scott Knorp
General Public Scott Taggart
General Public Steve Amoral
General Public Steven Raffin
General Public Susan Tennyson
General Public Tim Keester
General Public Todd and Joanne Kraenzel
General Public Tom Andrews
General Public Tony and Kathy Galinis
General Public Wendy Barnes
General Public William Conner
General Public William Franco III
General Public William Hatch
Helix Water District DeAna Verbeke
Carlos Lugo
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District
Humboldt Community Services District
McKinleyville Community Services District
City of Arcata
City of Eureka
Fieldbrook Glendale Community Services District
Manila Community Services District
Paul Helliker
David Hull
Greg Orsini
Mark Andre
Brian Gerving
Richard Hanger
Christopher Drop
Imperial County Farm Bureau
Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association
Imperial Valley Water
Lawrence Cox
Brian Strahm
Jack Vessey
Indian Valley Community Services District Chris Gallagher
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Eastern Municipal Water District
Moulton Niguel Water District
Building Industry Association of Southern California
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
Southern California Water Committee
City of Chino Hills
Western Municipal Water District
P. Joseph Grindstaff
Paul Jones, II
Joone Lopez
Steven Schuyler
David Pedersen
Richard Atwater
Nadeem Majaj
John Rossi
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul Cook
Johnson Ranch Management Jennifer Thompson
Lagerlof Senecal Gosney & Kruse LLP on behalf of the Public Water Agencies Group Dominic Nunneri
League of California Cities Jason Rhine
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Waterworks Division Paul Maselbas
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Martin Adams
Mountain Counties Water Resources Association John Kingsbury
Municipal Water District of Orange County Robert Hunter
Nevada Irrigation District Remleh Scherzinger
Nexus eWater Inc. Robert Hitchner
Orange County Water District Michael Markus
Orangevale Recreation & Park District Greg Foell
Otay Water District Mitch Thompson
Pacific Institute
Natural Resources Defense Council
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Heather Cooley
Tracy Quinn
Sara Aminzadeh
Padre Dam Municipal Water District
Vallecitos Water District
Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District
Helix Water District
Santa Fe Irrigation District
Carlsbad Municipal Water District
City of Oceanside
City of Escondido
Allen Carlisle
Dennis Lamb
Greg Thomas
Carlos Lugo
Michael Bardin
Wendy Chambers
Cari Dale
Christopher McKinney
Palmdale Water District Dennis LaMoreaux
Paradise Irrigation District George Barber
Placer County Water Agency Einar Maisch
Rancho Chaparral Mutual Water Company Raymond Sanborn
Regional Water Authority John Woodling
Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District Greg Thomas
Sacramento County Water Agency Michael Peterson
Sacramento Suburban Water District Robert Roscoe
San Diego Coastkeeper Matt O’Malley
San Diego County Water Authority Maureen Stapleton
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Steven Ritchie
San Juan Water District Pam Tobin
Shadow Hills Community Association Sandi Nemecek
Sierra Club California Kyle Jones
Sonoma Marin Saving Water Partnership Chris DeGabriele
South Feather Water and Power Agency Michael Glaze
South Tahoe Public Utility District Richard Solbrig
Tuolumne Utilities District Thomas Haglund
United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation Richard Woodley
Valley Center Municipal Water District Gary Arant
Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1 David Sasek
West Kern Water District Harry Starkey
Western Municipal Water District John Rossi
Willow Creek Community Services District Lonnie Danel
Yorba Linda Water District Marc Marcantonio