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Public Comments for February 7, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda Item 9

Public Comments regarding Urban Water Conservation Executive Order B-29-15, B-36-15 and B-37-16

February 7, 2017 Board Meeting - Item 9

  • Deadline to receive comments by: February 6, 2017 by 12:00 noon.
Commenter(s) Submitted by:
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland
California Municipal Utilities Danielle Blacet
California State Senate-Senator Jim Nielsen
California Water Research Deirdre Des Jardins
Camrosa Water District Tony Stafford
Carlsbad Municipal Water District Wendy Chambers
Carmichael Water District Steve Nugent
City of Fairfield-Public Works Department George Hicks
City of Folsom-City Manager Evert Palmer
City of Milpitas-Public Works Nina Hawk
City of Oceanside-Water Utilities Department Cari Dale
City of Poway-City Manager Tina White
City of Sierra Madre-Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Commission Kathleen Blanchard
Coachella Valley Water District J.M. Barrett
Desert Water Agency Mark Krause
Eastern Municipal Water District Paul Jones
El Dorado Irrigation District Jim Abercrombie
General Public Bill Renshaw
General Public Bonnie Hayes
General Public Cal McGaugh
General Public Carol Barefoot
General Public David Black
General Public Dennis Denton
General Public Frank Wenslawski
General Public James Colby
General Public James Halcomb
General Public James Verboon
Carol Verboon
General Public Judith Leggett
General Public Judy Bridgman
General Public Justin Kennerly
General Public Kathryn van den Broek
General Public Kathy Avinelis
General Public Keith Bishop
General Public Kristi Diener
General Public Laura Clary
General Public Linda Sanders
General Public Mark Calhoon
General Public Mark van den Broek
General Public Nancy Petersen
General Public Paul Ganz
General Public Peter Nelson
General Public Rebecca Priest
General Public Ronald O’Rourke
Linda O’Rourke
General Public Stan Martin
General Public Steve Arnold
General Public Tischa Coffman
General Public Tom Lindemann
General Public Tom O’Loughlin
General Public William Coit
Helix Water District Carlos Lugo
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Paul Helliker
Indian Wells Valley Water District Donald Zdeba
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul Cook
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District David Pedersen
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District David Pederson
Mesa Water District Ethan Temianka
Nevada Irrigation District
Paradise Irrigation District
South Feather Water and Power Agency
Remleh Scherzinger
George Barber
Rath Moseley
Olivenhain Municipal Water District Kimberly Thorner
Orange County Water District Michael Markus
Padre Dam Municipal Water District Allen Carlisle
Rincon Water Greg Thomas
Santa Fe Irrigation District Michael Bardin
Tuolumne Utilities District Thomas Haglund
Valley Center Municipal Water District Grant Arant
Valley Center Municipal Water District Gary Broomell