Thursday, May 22, 2014, 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Friday, May 23, 2014, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Central Coast Water Board Hearing Room

895 Aerovista Place, Suite 101, San Luis Obispo



Thursday, May 22, 2014, 8:30 a.m.


Board Business


1.   Roll Call

[Tammie Olson, Clerk to the Board 805/549-3140, ]


2.   Introductions, Staff Recognition, and Awards

      [Kenneth A. Harris Jr., Executive Officer 805/549-3140]


3.    Approval of March 6-7, 2014 Meeting Minutes


4.    Report by Regional Board Members


5.    Report by State Water Resources Control Board Liaison

      [Steven Moore 916/341-5624]


6.    Uncontested Items


Items on the uncontested items calendar are expected to be routine and noncontroversial.  Recommended action will be taken without discussion.  Items may be removed at the request of any board member or person, and if removed, will be taken up during the meeting at a time specified by the Chair. If an item is removed from the uncontested items calendar, it will only be voted on at this meeting if the board accepts the staff recommendation for the agenda item. Otherwise, the item will be continued to a subsequent board meeting to allow input by interested persons.


7.    Carmel Area Wastewater District, CAWD WWTP, Carmel, Monterey County –

Reissue NPDES Permit, Place ID 213281

      [Peter von Langen 805/549-3688,]


8.    Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency, Monterey Regional WWTP, Marina, Monterey County – Reissue NPDES Permit, Place ID 241740

      [Peter von Langen 805/549-3688,]



9.    City of Watsonville, Watsonville WWTP, Watsonville, Santa Cruz County -  Reissue NPDES Permit, Place ID 271872

      [Katie Disimone 805/542-4638,]


10.  Santa Maria Integrated Waste Management Facility, Los Flores Ranch Class III Landfill, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County - Issue Waste Discharge Requirements

      [Martin Fletcher, 805/549-3694,]


11.  Resolution to Allocate PG&E Settlement Funding for the Safe Drinking Water Grant Project

[Angela Schroeter, 805/542-4644,


12.  Treasury Wine Estates (Meridian/Paso 360), Formerly Meridian Vineyards and Paso 360 Winery, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County -- Rescind Waste Discharge Requirements

[David LaCaro, 805/549-3892,]


Discussion/Informational Items


Information items are items presented to the Board for discussion only and for which no Board action or vote is taken. The Board may, however, provide direction to staff. The Board usually will hear a presentation by staff, and comments by interested persons shall also be allowed. Time limits may be imposed on interested persons.


13.  Morro Bay Groundwater Degradation

      [Harvey Packard, 805/542-4639,]


14.  Los Osos Cease and Desist Orders 

      [Harvey Packard, 805/542-4639,]


15.  Public Forum


Public forum will be heard directly after the lunch break, not before 1:30 p.m.  Any person may address the Board regarding a matter within the Board's jurisdiction that is not related to an item on this meeting agenda.  Comments will generally be limited to three (3) minutes, unless otherwise directed by the Chair.  Any person wishing to make a longer presentation should contact the Executive Officer at least one week prior to the meeting.  Comments regarding matters that are scheduled for a future meeting will be restricted.


Discussion/Informational Items


16.  Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program: Board Discussion/Direction on Proposed Revisions to the Monitoring and Reporting Programs Order Nos. R3-2012-0011-01,-02, and -03, associated with the Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands, Order No. R3-2012-0011, Regarding Changes Related to Groundwater Sample Parameters and the Sampling Completion Deadline.

[Hector Hernandez, 805/542-4641,]


17.  Water Quality Control Plan, Triennial Review Process 2014

[Steve Saiz, 805/549-3879,]


18.  TMDL Program Update

[Chris Rose, 805/542-4770,]


19.  Executive Officer Report

[Kenneth A. Harris Jr., 805/549-3140,] 


Friday, May 23, 2014, 9:00 a.m.


20.  Roll Call [Tammie Olson, Clerk to the Board 805/549-3140]




21.  Inn at Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County - Consider Administrative Civil Liability Order

[Harvey Packard, 805/542-4639,]


22.  Enforcement Report

      [Harvey Packard 805/542-4639,]


23.  Central Coast Water Board Strategic Planning Discussion

[Kenneth A. Harris Jr, 805/549-3140,] 

Note: This item is at the Board’s discretion and as time allows.


Closed Session


24. Discussion of Cases in Litigation [Staff Counsel Jessica Jahr]

The Board will meet in closed session to discuss pending litigation, as authorized by Government Code (GC) Section 11126[e][2][A], in the cases of:

1.    Monterey Coastkeeper, et al. v. California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Coast Region (Monterey County Superior Court Case No. M111983)(Extension of 2004 Ag Order)

2.    Petition of Monterey Coastkeeper, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper (Resolution No. R3-2011-0208, Executive Officer Extension of the 2004 Agricultural Order No. R3-2004-0117)

3.    Petition of William Elliott (Resolution No. R3-2011-0208, Executive Officer Extension of the 2004 Agricultural Order No. R3-2004-0117

4.    Los Osos CSD v. Central Coast Water Board (San Luis Obispo County Case No. CV 060146 (TSO 00-131)

5.    Maxine Heim v. Central Coast Water Board, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Case No. CV 989572

6.    Ken Berry, et al. v. Central Coast Water Board, et al. (Sacramento Superior Court; CEQA Challenge to Los Osos CDOs)

7.    Petition of Desal Response Group (Ocean View CSD Desalination Facility, Ocean View Plaza, Monterey CA; Order No. R3-2007-0040 [NPDES Permit No. CA0050016]), SWRCB/OCC File No. A-1873

8.    Petition of City of Lompoc (Santa Barbara County, Resolution No. R3-2008-0071 for City of Lompoc Storm Water Management Program), SWRCB/OCC File No. A-1965.

9.    Casmalia Hazardous Waste Site Litigation:  U.S. v. State of California and Related Matters.

10.  Petition of Levon Investments, LLC; Rose Marie Towle (trustee); John L. DeMourkas (trustee); John Ridell (trustee); Stephanie Marie Redding (trustee); Elisa Anna Redding (trustee); and Wells Fargo Bank (trustee) for Renco Encoders, 26 Coromar Drive, Goleta (Water Code Section 13267 Order dated May 13, 2011, Revising Monitoring and Reporting Program No. R3-2005-0143), SWRCB/OCC File No. A-2168.

11.  Petition of Monterey County Water Resources Agency, Water Code Section 13267 Order dated April 18, 2012, Requiring a Report of Waste Discharge, SWRCB/OCC File A-2212

12.  Petition of South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District, Administrative Civil Liability Order No. R3-2012-0041.

13.  Petition of City of Watsonville (Water Code Section 13267 Order dated December 3, 2012, Requiring Submission of Information concerning the Sewer Collection System along Freedom Boulevard and Broadis Street, Watsonville), SWRCB/OCC File A-2237

The Board may discuss significant exposure to litigation as authorized by GC Section 11126[e][2][B].  The Board may also decide whether to initiate litigation as authorized by GC Section 11126[e][2][C].  The Board is not required to allow public comment on closed session items. (See GC Section 11125.7(d).


Deliberation on Decision after Hearing

The Board may meet in closed session to deliberate on a decision to be reached based upon evidence introduced in a hearing, as authorized by GC Section 11126(c) (3).


Personnel Issues

The Board may meet in closed session to discuss the appointment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of a public employee or to hear complaints or charges brought against that employee by another employee unless the employee requests a public hearing. (This closed session is authorized under Government Code section 11126, subd. (a)(1).)



The next scheduled Board meeting is on July 31-August 1, 2014, in Santa Barbara.





If you have questions about the agenda, contact Tammie Olson at (805) 549-3503.


Unless otherwise specified, all parties and interested persons must submit written comments and presentation materials for agendized items by 12:00 p.m. on May 19, 2014; submittals will not be accepted after that time.


Submittals are to be sent via e-mail to the Clerk to the Board at  Please indicate in the subject line, “5/22/14 BOARD MEETING (fill in bolded subject from appropriate item).” If you have questions about the agenda, contact the Clerk to the Board at (805) 549-3503.


Agenda and items are available electronically at:


Instructions regarding board meeting conduct and procedures can be found on the Central Coast Water Board’s website: