How do I enroll?

All owners and/or operators of irrigated land used for commercial crop production must submit an electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) to enroll their operation and associated farms/ranches. All owners and/or operators must submit an eNOI within 60 days of acquiring control or ownership of a new or existing operation or farm/ranch. A new eNOI must be submitted electronically. Please use the link below to submit a new eNOI to enroll.

Click here to Submit a New eNOI  Please refer to the eNOI Instructions for additional information.

How do I update my enrollment information?

All owners and/or operators must update their previously submitted eNOI to reflect any changes to their operation or farm/ranch information within 60 days of the change. All previously submitted eNOI information must be updated electronically. Use the link below to log in to your GeoTracker account with your username and password information.

Click here to Log in to GeoTracker  Please refer to the eNOI Instructions for additional information.

How do I terminate my enrollment?

If you no longer own or operate irrigated land for commercial crop production and need to terminate your enrollment under the Agricultural Order, you must: 1) update your electronic Notice of Intent and 2) complete a Notice of Termination Form. In addition, the owner and/or operator must notify the next owner or operator of the existence of the Agricultural Order by letter and provide a copy of that letter to the Water Board.