Third-Party Programs

Growers may choose to comply with portions of Ag Order 4.0 by participating in third-party groups or programs (e.g., certification program, watershed group, water quality coalition, monitoring coalition, or other cooperative effort). In this case, the third-party can assist individual growers in achieving compliance with Ag Order 4.0, including implementing water quality improvement projects, and required monitoring and reporting as described in the Monitoring and Reporting Program. Ag Order 4.0 outlines minimum criteria for Third-Party Programs such as effectiveness of scale and scope, clearly stated goals, objectives, and roles as well as planning, coordination, data management, and documentation (see pages 15-19 of the Order).

The Central Coast Water Board encourages Dischargers to participate in third-party monitoring programs to comply with monitoring and reporting requirements. Dischargers not participating in a third-party monitoring program must conduct required monitoring and reporting individually. Participation in a third-party monitoring program does not relieve Dischargers of the responsibility to comply with these requirements or of the requirement to have their ranch-level data reported to the Central Coast Water Board.


  Important Request for Proposals (RFP) Information

The Central Coast Water Board has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the review of potential third-party program administrators (Third-Party Programs) wanting to assist Dischargers enrolled in the Central Coast Water Board’s Agricultural Order 4.0 (Order) in complying with the Order and Monitoring and Reporting Program (MRP) requirements. This RFP is to evaluate the administrative and technical capacity of potential Third-Party Program administrators relative to the compliance assistance scope and scale they wish to implement to assist Dischargers to comply with various Order requirements.

The submittal and review of third-party compliance assistance program work plans will be subject to a subsequent process after the selection of suitable Third-Party Program administrators via this RFP process. Additional guidance will be provided in support of the third-party program work plan submittal process.

Please refer to the information in the link provided above for details on expectations for RFPs.

Application Procedure and Deadline

Proposals for this RFP are accepted exclusively in PDF format and must be submitted by e-mail to with “Request for Proposal Submission Name of Submitting Entity” in the subject line before 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time on June 22, 2021.

RFP Contacts

Questions to clarify the intent of this RFP may be addressed to the Central Coast Water Board project contacts listed below.

Paula Richter
(805) 549-3865
Jamie Pratt
(805) 549-3761