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Low Impact Development in Salinas

Click on a topic below to review the various efforts City staff and their consultant are making in the area of Low Impact Development

Salinas Development Standards Plan (DSP)
Salinas Low Impact Development Tech Memo 1 - Introduction to Low Impact Development, Review of City of Salinas and Regional Board Documents to determine compatibility and support for Low Impact Development, and rainfall calculations to size rainfall volume and flow-control LID devices.
Salinas Low Impact Development Tech Memo 2 - Review of Surface Soil and Shallow Groundwater Conditions and the Feasibility of Infiltrating Urban Runoff in the Salinas Area
Salinas Low Impact Development Tech Memo 3 - Low Impact Development Model Ordinance, and question-answer summary of interviews with other LID-ordinance use cities.

Low Impact Development Workshops - Click below to view the LID Workshops, which include information on Storm Water Permit requirements and upcoming changes to the City of Salinas' Construction Design Standards and related Ordinances.