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Tentative Orders - 22/23 June 2006 Board Meeting

Tentative Orders - 22/23 June 2006 Board Meeting

Items to be considered by the Board at the 22/23 June 2006 Board Meeting, organized by agenda item number
  1. Reuse of Food Processing By-Products Within Stanislaus County Consideration of a Resolution

  2. Conditional Waivers of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges From Irrigated Lands Within the Central Valley Region Consideration of Adoption of Conditional Waivers

  3. Nicoletti Oil Facility, Nicoletti Oil Inc., ExxonMobil Corp., Merced County - Consideration of Resolutions approving a Remedial Action Plan, a California Environmental Quality Act Notice of Determination and Consideration of a Cleanup and Abatement Order to implement the Remedial Action Plan

  4. State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, Empire Mine State Historic Park, Nevada County Consideration of New NPDES Permit and Time Schedule Order
  5. Amendment to the Basin Plan for the Control of Nutrients in Clear Lake Consideration of Adoption of Proposed Amendment and Filing of a Draft Environmental Document
  6. Amendments to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River Basins for the Control of Diazinon and Chlorpyrifos Runoff into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta - Consideration of Adoption of Proposed Amendment and Filing of a Draft Environmental Document
  7. Waste Discharges From Individual On-Site Sewage Systems Discussion of Proposed Statewide Regulations (AB 885 Mandate) An Information Item
  8. Salinity Management Plan A Status Report
  9. Sacramento County Department of Airports, Sacramento International Airport, Sacramento County Consideration of Rescinding NPDES Permit and Cease and Desist Order
  10. ExxonMobil Production Company, Hill Lease, South Belridge Oil Field, Kern County Consideration of Cease and Desist Order
  11. County of Fresno and River Ranch, L.L.C. Mendota Solid Waste Disposal Site, Fresno County Consideration of Cease and Desist Order
  12. Uncontested Rescissions, 11 KB, PDF (PDF Info)

  13. Uncontested Change of Name and/or Ownership, 13 KB, PDF (PDF Info)

  14. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements, 19 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Norcal Waste Systems Ostrom Road Landfill, Inc., Ostrom Road Class II Solid Waste Landfill Facility, Construction, Operation, and Corrective Action
    2. Syar Industries, Inc., Syar Madison Plant
    3. Kellogg Supply, Inc., Soil Amendment Packaging Facility
    4. Biosolids Recycling, Inc, Joseph and Connie Jess, and Paul and Sally Marciel, Jess Ranch and Marciel Ranch Biosolids Application Sites
    5. Aera Energy LLC, South Wastewater Disposal Facility, South Belridge Oil Field
    6. Aera Energy LLC, Row 4 w/Lost Hills Wastewater Disposal Facility, South Belridge Oil Field
    7. U.S. Air Force Beale Air Force Base, Landfills No. 2 and No. 3 Class III Landfills, Postclosure Maintenance and Monitoring
    8. City of Fresno and Copper River Ranch, LLC, and Consolidated Land Company and Consolidated Industries, Inc., and Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District
      This item has been removed from the agenda
    9. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Operation of Class II Surface Impoundments, Deuel Vocational Institution
    10. Sean W. Smith and Calaveras River Land Company. Inc., Jenny Lind Tailing Pile Removal and Reclamation Project

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