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Tentative Orders - 3 February 2011 Board Meeting

Tentative Orders - 3 February 2011 Board Meeting

Items to be considered by the Board at the 3 February 2011 Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting, organized by agenda item number.

  1. Election of Board Chair and Vice-Chair

Other Business

  1. Status of the Activities of the Butte and Glenn County Agricultural Commissioners to Support the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program under the Memorandum of Understanding Pilot Program –Informational item only
  2. Status Report on the Management Agency Agreement with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Addressing Salinity in the Lower San Joaquin River – Informational item only
  3. Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel Low Dissolved Oxygen TMDL: The Use of Aeration as an Alternate Measure to Address Low Dissolved Oxygen – Informational item only


  1. California Department of Parks and Recreation, Empire Mine State Park, Nevada County – Consideration of an Administrative Civil Liability Order
  2. Settlements between the City of Lodi and Potentially Responsible Parties for cleanup of the Northern, Southern, and Western Groundwater Pollution Plumes,  Lodi, San Joaquin County – Consideration of Resolution Authorizing Executive Officer to enter into Settlement Agreements.

NPDES Permits with Cease and Desist Orders

  1. City of Auburn Wastewater Treatment Plant, Placer County – Consideration of Order Amending Waste Discharge Requirements Order R5-2010-0090 (NPDES Permit No. CA0077712) and Cease and Desist Order R5-2010-0091
  2. City of Live Oak Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sutter County – Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal and Cease and Desist Order (NPDES No. CA0079022)

NPDES Permit

  1. Stockton Port District, Port of Stockton, San Joaquin County – Consideration of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NPDES Permit Renewal (NPDES No. CAS0084077)

Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements

  1. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements, 22 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Former BAC Facility, Full-Scale In-Situ Deep Soil Remediation, Merced, Merced County (new)
    2. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Correctional Institution-Tehachapi, Wastewater Treatment Facility, Kern County, Order  88-035 (revision)
    3. Brown Sand Inc., and Mossdale Associates, Ltd., Brown Sand Mossdale Quarry, San Joaquin County, Order 91-217 (revision)
    4. Buena Vista Biomass Power, LLC, Buena Vista Biomass Power Project, Class II Surface Impoundment, Amador County, Order 98-052 (revision)
    5. Lake Oroville Marina, LLC and State of California Department of Parks and Recreation and State of California Department of Water Resources, Operation of Lake Oroville Marina, Butte County, Order R5-2004-0032 (revision)
    6. North of River Sanitary District and Sill Properties Inc. Wastewater Treatment Facility and Water Reclamation, Kern County, Order R5-2009-0088 (revision)

Uncontested NPDES Permit

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permits, 14 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. City of Tracy Wastewater Treatment Plant, San Joaquin County, Order R5-2007-0036 (NPDES Permit No. CA0079154) (amendment)

Uncontested NPDES Permit with Time Schedule Order

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permit with Time Schedule Order, 11 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Rockwell Automation, Inc. and Porterville Unified School District Groundwater Cleanup System, Tulare County, Order R5-2005-0092 (NPDES Permit renewal, and new Time Schedule Order)

Uncontested NPDES/WDR Rescissions

  1. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirement Rescissions, 26 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Remote Pond, Baltimore Air Coil, Madera County, Order 82-069
    2. Department of General Services, Office of State Publishing, Sacramento County, Waste Discharge Requirements, Order R5-2005-0086 (NPDES No. CA0078875)
    3. Oakwood Lake Water District and Beck Properties, Oakwood Lake Subdivision Mining Reclamation Project, San Joaquin County, Waste Discharge Requirements, Order R5-2005-0153 (NPDES No. CA0082783)

Uncontested Change of Name and or Ownership

  1. Uncontested Change of Name and or Ownership, 82 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Silva Ranch Sludge Application, Residuals Processing, Inc., Sacramento County, Order 95-064
    2. Silva Ranch II - Biosolids Application, Residuals Processing, Inc., Sacramento County, Order 98-023
    3. Neenah Paper FR, Neenah Paper FR, San Joaquin County, Order 5-01-148
    4. River Highlands Community Services District and Gold Village Land Development, LLC.,Hammonton Gold Village Wastewater Treatment Plant, Waste Discharge Requirements, Order R5-2002-0101 (NPDES No. CA0081574) (Proposed Addition of Yuba County as Discharger)
    5. Maharishi Global Administration Through Natural Law, Maharishi Vedic School Wastewater Treatment Facility, Lake County, Order R5-2004-0085
    6. Fruit Processing Facility, Chinchiolo Stemilt California LLC/JT Investments, San Joaquin County, Order R5-2005-0103
    7. Synagro West, Inc. and Gary Silva, Silva Ranch I and Silva Ranch II Biosolids Land Application Sites, Sacramento County, Order R5-2007-0807

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