Staff Recognition

Superior Accomplishment Awards


Walter Floyd receiving his award from Executive Officer Patrick Pulupa and Region 5 Board Members


  • Walter Floyd, Engineering Geologist

Walter Floyd is an Engineering Geologist (EG) in the Site Cleanup Program (SCP), Department of Defense (DoD) Unit. He has over 25 years of experience in the private sector conducting and managing environmental cleanup of soil and groundwater at private sites and DoD facilities. In the four plus years that Walter has worked in SCP he has taken on management and oversight of a wide variety of complex cleanup projects like the former Lime Kiln Site in Diamond Spring, and the privatization of numerous sites at McClellan Business Park.

Most noteworthy Walter has spear-headed the process of conducting several region-wide evaluations of emerging contaminants in the Central Valley, specifically for Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI), 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP), and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS). To do these studies, Walter has been working with State Board staff, the Division of Drinking Water, and Regional Board staff to develop a GIS mapping tool that imports analytical data and presents it in a comprehensive way. Using this mapping tool, Walter has identified a significant number of new areas of groundwater contamination that will be addressed by the SCP team.

For example, Walter is using his GIS tool to evaluate non-point sources of 1,2,3-TCP using relative concentrations of 1,2,3-TCP detections and maps of 1,2,3-TCP detections, application areas, and pesticide manufacturers. These parameters aid in the development of correlations and associations that characterize, most importantly, the non-point sources. Due to 1,2,3-TCP's very low Maximum Contaminant Level of 5 parts per trillion, Walter's work is helping to fulfill a critical need of the Central Valley Water Board to better understand the 1,2,3-TCP region-wide groundwater distribution. In addition, Walter has collaborated with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and co-authored a paper titled "Factors Affecting 1,2,3-TCP Contamination in Groundwater in California," dated 23 April 2019.

At the former McClellan Air Force Base, Walter has created another amazing GIS tool: an interactive map in Geotracker, showing all State Land Use Covenants (SLUCs) at McClellan Business Park (MBP). Walter has also added a direct link to the "SLUC PDF" to see the actual SLUC. Since there are hundreds of SLUCs at MBP, this tool creates a very simple and efficient way to review parcel specific information. In summary, Walter goes far above and beyond his EG duties to ensure that quality work is completed, and that human health and the environment are protected.


Ronna Bowers receiving her award from Executive Officer Patrick Pulupa and Region 5 Board Members


  • Ronna Bowers, Engineering Geologist

Ronna Bowers is an Engineering Geologist in the Central Valley Regional Water Board's Redding office. She works in the Forest Activities Program and is being recognized for her outstanding work performance on Timber Harvest Plan Review, Emergency Fire Salvage regulatory work and Grant Management. Ronna joined the Central Valley Water Board three years ago, bringing with her more than 15 years of private industry experience working in geologic interpretation, erosion and sediment control. Since joining the Forest Activities Program, Ronna has successfully applied experience from her diverse background along with excellent technical and communication skills to effectively regulate and bring into compliance, both large Industrial and small private landowners with challenging forestland management projects.

Ronna provides regulatory oversight for timber harvest projects in Shasta County, our region's busiest county for commercial timber production. She volunteered to provide technical oversight for the Battle Creek Watershed Road Sediment Reduction Program which is a field-based road assessment inventory to characterize sediment sources along twenty-three (23) miles of native surface and/or rocked road within the Battle Creek watershed. In 2018, 3 major wildfires occurred primarily in Shasta County; the Carr, Delta, and Hirz fires. Much of the damage occurred on private and industrial timberlands. Ronna has processed in excess of 90 emergency fire salvage and substantially damaged timber harvest projects across tens of thousands of acres. Combined with a well above-average 2018/2019 winter on top of recent fire scars, we had localized flooding and debris flows within the forested setting resulting in failed structures and multiple discharges to surface waters. Ronna works tirelessly with private and industrial landowners as well as powerline companies to develop site specific mitigations and best management practices to improve those failed structures, roads and various other sites impacted by the severe winter.

Ronna Is a valuable team player often going above and beyond to ensure a job is completed and water quality is protected. Over the past year, she has continually met all of these challenges with a positive and can-do attitude. Ronna carries with her a level of professionalism and dedication that well represents the Redding office, the Board's Forest Activities Program and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board as a whole.


Kristen Gomes receiving her award from Executive Officer Patrick Pulupa and Region 5 Board Members


  • Kristen Gomes, Water Resources Control Engineer

Kristen Gomes is a Water Resources Control Engineering in the Fresno office and is receiving this award because she performed beyond her normal job duties in keeping the Title 27 Program work in the Fresno office moving forward while the senior engineering geologist was on an extended leave of absence.

In addition, she was the only staff member for several months in the unit because of vacancies and other leaves of absence by staff and has taken the lead to review multiple technical reports submitted by dischargers; conducted several site inspections to verify the correct installation of liners at landfills and regulatory compliance; prepared Waste Discharge Requirements for a recent Board meeting agenda; and was the face of the unit to respond to public inquiries.

She consistently provides excellent work that is completed in a timely manner and is invaluable at working towards meeting our fiscal year goals.