Staff Recognition

Gold, Group, Superior Accomplishment Award


photograph of post fire response team receiving their awards


  • Rich Muhl, Senior Environmental Scientist
  • Jorge Beltran, Water Resources Control Engineer
  • Scott Perrou, Environmental Scientist
  • Jeff Tierney, Water Resources Control Engineer
  • Taranjot Sahota, Environmental Scientist
  • Steve Rosenbaum, Senior Engineering Geologist
  • Cindy Au Yeung, Environmental Scientist
  • Christine Joab, Environmental Scientist

On July 27, 2018, the largest wildfire in California history, the Mendocino Complex Fire, started in Lake County and burned over 459,000 acres.  The fire burned extensive areas in watersheds that are tributaries to Clear Lake, a drinking water source for tens of thousands of residents in disadvantaged communities in Lake County. Watersheds impacted by wildfires often have increased post-fire runoff and erosion, which can degrade water quality through increase in turbidity, organic carbon, nutrients, and other constituents.

The Central Valley Regional Board's post-fire response team: conducted field assessments to identify areas that need stabilization; secured funding for installation of erosion and sediment controls; worked closely with local, federal, and state partners as well as neighboring tribes; and are continuing to work on securing funding for laboratory analysis of surface water samples.  Staff worked long hours to assess watersheds and initiate an erosion and sediment control installation contract prior to the start of the rainy season.

Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award


photograph of Anne Littlejohn receiving her award


  • Anne Littlejohn, Senior Environmental Scientist

Anne Littlejohnis the Senior of the Planning Unit in our Rancho Cordova Office. Anne is a dedicated, hardworking scientist who is skilled at working with diverse stakeholder groups to develop innovative solutions to complicated water quality problems. Anne has led several contentious projects, including a project to develop salinity objectives for the San Joaquin River upstream of the Delta and a project to establish a basin-wide process for evaluating the MUN beneficial use in agriculturally-dominated water bodies. Throughout her work, Anne has demonstrated a dedication to stakeholder engagement, which has helped her staff propose clear, fair and pragmatic recommendations for the Board's consideration. Under Anne's leadership, the Central Valley Water Board adopted both the San Joaquin River salinity objectives and the MUN evaluation amendments by August 2017.

Following the Board's adoption of these two projects, Anne redirected her staff to support a proposed Central Valley-wide Salt and Nitrate Control Program. The Salt and Nitrate Control Program was a high-priority project that required navigating not only controversial issues associated with the main policy, but also many ancillary controversies related to several supporting policies, including a revised Variance and Exception Policy, a new Drought and Conservation Policy, a new Offsets Policy, and new policy affecting the application of Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels. Anne's efforts helped advance a 12-year stakeholder process that will support the environmental and economic sustainability of the Central Valley.

Even while taking on these efforts, Anne has been serving as the Program Manager of the Central Valley's Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP). Under Anne's direction, SWAMP has provided additional staff and laboratory resources to all three offices, streamlined the collection of ambient water quality samples, expanded the scope of the Safe-to-Swim monitoring project, and supported verification monitoring for cyanobacteria hazardous algae blooms. Anne and her staff have also initiated community engagement efforts to address elevated indicator bacteria levels along the American River.

Anne brings a positive and genuine attitude to all her day-to-day activities, which makes her a key contributor to Board initiatives as well as a pleasure to have on any team effort.

Janelle is dependable, hardworking, and is always willing to take on extra work to meet the goals of the Regional Board. The Region appreciates Janelle's organizational skills, capabilities, work ethic, and dedication. Janelle's contributions to the Region are invaluable to the Region's success, and I am pleased to nominate Janelle Brown for the Superior Accomplishment Award.

Superior Accomplishment Awards


photograph of Michael Parker receiving his award


  • Michael Parker, Engineering Geologist

Michael Parker is an Engineering Geologist in the Redding Cannabis Regulatory and Enforcement Unit and is being recognized for his outstanding work performance. Michael joined the Central Valley Water Board in December 2016 and has worked in the Cannabis Program since.

In this short time, Michael has made considerable contributions to the Redding Cannabis Regulatory and Enforcement Unit and to the Central Valley Board's Cannabis Program as a whole. When initially hired Michael quickly dove into learning both permitting and enforcement aspects of the newly formed Cannabis Program, ultimately taking a lead role in reviewing and processing several hundred backlogged applications shortly after being hired. In addition to performing permitting actions in the Redding office, Michael concurrently worked as the lead on several enforcement actions and assisted with a long - term water quality study with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife within his first year.

The Central Valley Cannabis program has grown substantially since Michael was first hired, and without hesitation Michael readily took on the training and mentoring of new staff both in the Redding office and the Rancho Cordova office, despite having a heavy workload of his own. Michael has quickly become a go to person in the Redding office and has continually been willing to assist other staff in whatever capacity he can. Michael has aided in the planning and implementation of two large scale enforcement efforts in the summers of 2017 and 2018, which required extensive coordination and the ability to work well with large groups of people, at which he excelled. In addition to his core work, Michael has recently served as a lead non-point source representative for assessing damage and aiding in recovery efforts from the Carr Fire.

Michael is required to balance numerous priorities and time schedules in his position. He has an outstanding work ethic and attitude and has been an integral team member for the Central Valley Board's Cannabis Program and the Redding office as a whole. The Central Valley Water Board is very fortunate to have Michael as part of its staff and greatly appreciates his contributions.


photograph of Matt Scroggins receiving his award


  • Matt Scroggins, Senior Water Resource Control Engineer

Matt Scroggins has been an employee in the Fresno office for 19 years and is approaching 8 years as the Senior Water Resource Control Engineer for the NPDES Unit. Matt is receiving this award for his hard work at managing staff and spending extra time in the office to complete his numerous tasks.

He has successfully reduced the backlog of expired NPDES permits, assisted with major revisions to the NPDES permit template, and responds to inquiries from the public in a timely manner. He handles issues with staff and dischargers with a calm demeanor. He consistently reports to the NPDES Program Manager about the status of Fresno projects and ensures staff meet expectations and are productive. In addition to his NPDES responsibilities, he also manages staff that handle stormwater and 401 certifications.

Matt has recently encountered several vacancies within his unit that he has managed to fill. Tasks included drafting vacancy announcements, scheduling and completing interviews, and working with the hiring team to identify the most qualified applicant. Matt was able to fill those vacancies and provide a seamless transition within the unit and has completed an outstanding job of "on-boarding" new staff. One of the vacancies was for a staff member within his unit that Matt had mentored to become a Senior.

Matt has an institutional history of our office and is a "go-to" person for a variety of questions. He has a good rapport with stakeholders and is an asset to the office. Matt is a reliable and professional staff member and is very deserving of this award.


photograph of Pamela Creedon receiving her Resolution
  • Pamela C. Creedon

    12 years of service as Executive Officer of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution

photograph of Betty Yee receiving her Resolution
  • Betty Yee

    30 plus years of service with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution

photograph of Linda Bracamonte receiving her Resolution
  • Linda Bracamonte

    Service as Assistant Executive Officer of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution