Staff Recognition

Superior Accomplishment Awards



  • Christine Croyle, Staff Services Manager I, Sacramento Office
  • Rebecca Asami, Engineering Geologist, Fresno Office
  • Clint Snyder, Assistant Executive Officer, Redding Office
  • Jonathan Meurer, Engineering Geologist, Sacramento Office
  • Lynn Coster, Senior Environmental Scientist, Redding Office

Throughout the past two years, the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee, composed of staff selected through a competitive process involving multiple programs and all three offices, has diligently worked with the Board, Board’s senior management, Board staff members, and a vast multitude of stakeholders to craft a Strategic Vision, A Mission Statement, a set of Shared Beliefs, and a Strategic Plan to guide the Central Valley Water Board’s 19 water quality programs for the next 5-7 years.

The Strategic Planning Committee was able to pivot midway through the process to maintain progress on the development of a Strategic Plan, despite the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the Team were able to formulate a strategy that included multiple presentations before the Board, multiple opportunities for the public to provide input (including a public forum drawn together on exceptionally short notice), multiple surveys sent to staff and stakeholders, and a drafting process to arrive upon a Strategic Plan that the Board and the Board’s management were all amenable to.

The collegiality and diligence of this team make them highly deserving of this award.



  • Girma Getachew, Environmental Scientist

This Superior Accomplishment Award (SAA) is awarded to Dr. Girma Getachew (Girma), whose incredible dedication in so many areas have greatly contributed to the Confined Animal Facilities Unit's success. Girma's scientific knowledge as a certified crop advisor and PhD soil agronomist, sets the bar for excellence. He is a key role model and great source of knowledge for the unit. His attention to detail, in-depth understanding of how dairies operate, and unique skills as an agronomist are instrumental to the team's successful regulatory oversight.

Due to his vast experience in the confined animal facilities regulatory program, he can effectively mentor new staff in their review of nutrient and waste management plans. As an agronomist, he provides invaluable input during the review of nutrient management plans. Girma's mentoring skills and on the job training to has enhanced other staff's professional growth and helped the program gain the respect of the industry.

During facility inspections and investigations, Girma actively engages with the dischargers who are sometimes resistant to complying with government regulations, yet he has developed a reputation for fairness and consistency. His professional style and approach to improved regulatory oversight increases the unit's efficiency. We are very fortunate to have Girma working in the Confined Animal Facilities Unit, and he is well deserving of this award.



  • Katie Carpenter, Engineering Geologist

Katie Carpenter is a tremendous asset to the Non-15 Program in the Fresno office. Katie’s attitude and work ethic, in addition to her in-depth technical knowledge and experience with the Water Board, allows her to take on some of the most challenging tasks that our office has encountered. Katie consistently demonstrates her ability to be the lead staff on complex projects and provides thorough review allowing management to make well-informed decisions. Management consistently receives high praise for Katie from both the public and co-workers.

Katie has recently taken the lead for reviewing Nitrate Initial Assessments submitted for food processors and domestic wastewater treatment facilities to comply with the nitrate control program of CV-SALTS. Her knowledge of the facilities and CV-SALTS requirements were crucial to her review of the Assessment reports.

Katie's new role within the unit is to continue drafting a General Order for food processors within the region to allow efficient and consistence permitting.

Katie also has her hands in the day-to-day permitting tasks including: issuing Notices of Applicability and Monitoring and Reporting Programs for existing General Orders, reviewing Reports of Waste Discharge to begin the start of the permitting process for individual Waste Discharge Requirements, review of a CEQA document for modification to a major winery, handling multiple inquiries from the public and regulated community related to CV-SALTS and Local Agency Management Programs, and processing Public Records Act requests.

Katie possesses a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the Non-15 Program and is a valuable member of our Fresno office team. She is very deserving of this award.



  • Marisol Gonzalez, Engineering Geologist

Marisol Gonzalez is an Engineering Geologist with the Redding office’s NPDES Unit. Marisol joined the NPDES Unit in September 2020, after transferring from the Cannabis Regulatory program where she had worked since she started with the Central Valley Water Board in June 2017. While in the Cannabis program, Marisol was known for being a top producer and completed many inspections and reports and helped plan other work regarding mapping and site selection. When the Cannabis program went through a fiscal contraction, Marisol agreed to take on a new role and moved to the NPDES Unit. In the NPDES Unit Marisol quickly dove in and began learning the ins and outs of regulating surface water discharges under the NPDES program. Despite the limitations and challenges of learning a new program in the telework environment, Marisol completed training and took on challenging projects. She is currently working on an NPDES permit for one of the largest dischargers in the Redding office and tackling its complex issues.

Marisol fit in with her new teammates in the NPDES unit right away, and brings a positive, ready-to-work attitude. She is proving herself to be a valuable addition to the unit and program and her efforts are very much appreciated.