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Superior Accomplishment Awards


photograph of Janelle Brown receiving her award


  • Janelle Brown, Associate Governmental Program Associate

Janelle Brown is an Associate Governmental Program Analyst working for the Central Valley Water Board Rancho Cordova office's Program Support Unit. Janelle is nominated for Sustained Superior Accomplishment for exceptional performance in supporting the Region's NPDES and SWAMP programs and specifically for outstanding work in the development of the Region's laboratory analysis services contract.

In the past several months Janelle has made notable contributions by assisting NPDES program and SWAMP staff in the effort to improve water quality in the American River Parkway. Janelle has provided extensive support on numerous stakeholder meetings to insure all water quality concerns associated with the American River Parkway project are brought to the participating agencies' attention in an organized and efficient manner.

She is also instrumental in helping to implement lean six sigma recommendations for the NPDES program. Janelle's creative touch and her ability to organize extensive program information into a PowerPoint presentation format that is well organized, while meeting the needs of the intended audience was most recently recognized during the Central Valley Clean Water Association's recent annual conference.

Janelle brings an extensive lab background to the Central Valley Water Board and has proved very helpful in serving as the Region's lab coordinator, assisting staff with requests for lab testing services, replenishing lab supplies, and researching options for lab services. Most recently Janelle was instrumental in the development and securing of Region 5's laboratory analysis services contract. Janelle spent countless hours analyzing the reporting limits and MDLs received from prospective bidders to facilitate a favorable Notice of Contract Award that encompassed all detection needs for the Redding, Fresno, and Rancho Cordova offices.

Janelle is dependable, hardworking, and is always willing to take on extra work to meet the goals of the Regional Board. The Region appreciates Janelle's organizational skills, capabilities, work ethic, and dedication. Janelle's contributions to the Region are invaluable to the Region's success, and I am pleased to nominate Janelle Brown for the Superior Accomplishment Award.


photograph of Rebecca Tabor receiving her award


  • Rebecca Tabor, Water Resources Control Engineer

Rebecca Tabor is a Water Resource Control Engineer in the Redding Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program and is being recognized for her outstanding work performance. Rebecca joined the Central Valley Water Board in May 2015 as a Water Resource Control Engineer in the Non-15/Waste Discharge Requirements Unit and has worked in the Irrigated Lands Unit for the past year.

In this short time, Rebecca has made considerable contributions to the Unit and has fulfilled her role as the liaison to the Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (SVWQC, Coalition), a third-party group that represents growers in the Sacramento River Watershed. Rebecca quickly gained the respect of the Colaition director and the delegates of the thirteen subwatersheds that constitute the SVWQC, and provides regular outreach by attending monthly Coalition meetings. Through her interactions, she has formed personal relationships and has proven to be responsive and professional in her work.

Rebecca is responsible for reviewing monitoring plans and numerous reports submitted by the Coalition as a requirement of the program. True to her ambitious nature, Rebecca has quickly become knowledgeable of the program and is always eager to learn more. One of her many strengths lies in her ability to analyze complex data and in her exceptional communication skills. She recently succeeded in the review of the Coalition’s annual monitoring plan, that involved a complicated new protocol for evaluating pesticides. This required significant communication between Rebecca and the Coalition, as well as the evaluation of a complex technical report relative to the protocol.

In her position, Rebecca is often required to juggle multiple work items and various demands of her time. She follows through with her many tasks and is conscientious and hard working. Her positive attitude and aptitude to learn are an asset to the program. The Central Valley Water Board is fortunate to have Rebecca as part of its staff and greatly appreciates her contributions.



  • Christine Hernandez, Office Technician

Christine Hernandez began working at the Central Valley Water Board's Fresno Office about a year ago when several experienced Administrative staff had just retired. Christine had to learn many of the processes for answering calls, handling incoming and outgoing mail, editing correspondence, and helping prepare items for the Board meeting agenda without anyone experienced working with her. She is a quick learner and it did not take her long to understand her job duties and begin excelling at them. Christine was able keep the office's work flowing, and agenda items processed on time, with almost no oversight or assistance necessary.

Christine has continued to improve her knowledge and skills beyond the minimum required for her job classification. She is able to handle whatever work is given to her, and gets it done accurately and on time.

Christine is a valuable asset to the Fresno office and the Water Boards system. She has a great attitude and works cooperatively with staff, dischargers, and the public. As the first contact for many of the stakeholders conducting business with the Board, she represents us professionally and treats every caller or visitor with respect and courtesy.

For the reasons above, Christine is most deserving of the Superior Accomplishment Award.


photograph of Pamela Creedon receiving her Resolution
  • Pamela C. Creedon

    12 years of service as Executive Officer of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution

photograph of Betty Yee receiving her Resolution
  • Betty Yee

    30 plus years of service with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution