Staff Recognition

Superior Accomplishment Awards


photograph of Kari Holmes receiving her award


  • Kari Holmes, Senior Water Resources Control Engineer

Kari Holmes is a Senior Water Resources Control Engineer in the Compliance and Enforcement Section in the Rancho Cordova Office. Kari has managed compliance and enforcement efforts for NPDES facilities out of the Rancho Cordova Office for several years. In this work, Kari and her staff are responsible for working with dischargers on permit compliance and issuing Administrative Civil Liability Complaints for both Mandatory Minimum Penalties and discretionary penalties.

During 2017 Kari also took over responsibility for overseeing industrial and construction storm water compliance and enforcement. This effort increased Kari's workload substantially and she has come up with a number of ideas on how to streamline the workload in her unit. Kari is also a resource for staff and seniors in Rancho Cordova and throughout the Region who have questions on NPDES compliance issues. For all of this and more, Kari is very deserving of this Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award.


photograph of Monique Gaido receiving her award


  • Monique Gaido, Engineering Geologist

Monique is an Engineering Geologist currently working in the Redding Non-15/Waste Discharge Requirements Unit, and is being recognized for her outstanding work performance. Monique joined the Central Valley Water Board in July 2015, and over the past two and a half years has proven to be a valuable asset to the Central Valley Water Board.

Monique manages approximately 66 facilities under both individual and general orders. Her duties within the unit cover both permitting and compliance/enforcement activities. Additionally Monique is also the county representative for Shasta and Modoc Counties. As such she is responsible for reviewing and responding to CEQA documents and complaints associated with activities within those counties.

In the past year, Monique completed a permit renewal, 5 individual permit rescissions, 5 enrollments into the Small Domestic Wastewater General Order, 4 13267 Orders, 4 Notices of Violation, 4 Reports of Waste Discharge reviews,.45 CEQA document reviews and comments, responded to 13 complaints, and conducted 35 permitting, compliance, and complaint inspections throughout the year. In addition to this work Monique also made significant progress in working to covert two surface water discharge facilities to land discharges.

Monique is a positive, punctual, consistent, well organized, and detailed oriented individual. Her knowledge, experience, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and positive attitude are an asset to the Central Valley Water Board. She has earned the respect of both colleagues and dischargers, and her contributions to the unit and to the Central Valley Water Board are greatly appreciated.


photograph of Jeff Pyle receiving his award


  • Jeff Pyle, Engineering Geologist

Jeff Pyle has been an Engineering Geologist in the Fresno office for 12 years and has been a valuable asset to the Non-15 Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) Unit. Jeff has been working diligently to accomplish the goals of the WDR Program; specifically, adoption of individual WDRs, enrolling dischargers under existing General Orders or Waivers, and pre-permitting site inspections.

Jeff's recent work consisted of drafting two sets of WDRs for this Board meeting. His work included pre-permit inspections, reviewing the Report of Waste Discharges submitted by each Discharger, identified and resolved issues associated with each discharge, and drafted WDRs for management and public review. Jeff's hard work and commitment were valuable at completing the WDRs on schedule.

Jeff also spent time reviewing a work plan submitted by a Discharger for the construction of a new evaporation pond and making sure everything was submitted as required by the WDRs.

Jeff also assisted the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Unit in the Fresno office with reviewing and providing comment on technical reports for the closure of a wastewater treatment facility's former site, specifically the drying bed location. Jeff was able to use his knowledge and experience from other similar projects to complete this task. This accomplishment was valuable to the NPDES Unit, because he was able to provide resources that allowed the NPDES Unit to continue working on other permitting issues.

It is obvious by the work described today that Jeff is able to get tasks completed from beginning to end and check them off his "to do" list. Jeff continually finds time to respond to the public's questions, review files, and have meetings with Dischargers. Jeff is a reliable and professional staff member of our Fresno office and is very deserving of this award.


photograph of Pamela Creedon receiving her Resolution
  • Pamela C. Creedon

    12 years of service as Executive Officer of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution

photograph of Betty Yee receiving her Resolution
  • Betty Yee

    30 plus years of service with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Resolution