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The development of a Delta Regional Monitoring Program (Delta RMP) has been an ongoing process since 2008. This page archives documents related to the development process prior to the formation of the Steering Committee in the fall of 2012. Materials on this page will not be updated. Current information can be found on the main Delta RMP webpage. For meetings material and documents related to the development process prior to the formation of the Delta RMP Steering Committee in the fall of 2012, please see the Archived Materials webpage.

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Early Reports

Early Framework Documents and Other References

Stakeholder Meeting - 15 August 2012

This stakeholder meeting was in response to the comments received on the Draft Proposal for a Regional Monitoring and Assessment Framework that was released to stakeholders in June. The meeting summary highlights the main concerns addressed in the comments and the responses to those comments from the Regional Board, Aquatic Science Center, and Brock Bernstein. Additionally, the meeting began initial discussions about the establishment of a steering committee for the Delta RMP. Future development will be guided by the steering committee.

NPDES Stakeholder Meeting - 16 November 2011

This stakeholder meeting was in response to the various interviews conducted by Thomas Jabusch (ASC) and Brock Bernstein (consultant) about the monitoring, reporting, and data management programs of specific dischargers, regulated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. The issues and opportunities identified (see Discharger Interview Summary) provided a useful starting point for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring as part of the initial implementation of the Delta RMP.

Stakeholder Meeting - 12 August 2010

Stakeholder Meeting - 12 May 2010

This stakeholder meeting was intended to re-engage stakeholders, begin implementation of the Regional Monitoring Program through a pilot project phase, and initiate technical work to address limitations with current monitoring and data management systems. This meeting began with presentations in the morning providing overviews of the work completed to date, the draft program strategy, Current Water Quality Monitoring Programs and the Lessons Learned from the POD Synthesis Analysis. A facilitated discussion followed in the afternoon (Please see the meeting summary for details).

Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting - 30 September 2008

Recognizing that stakeholder involvement and coordination will be critical to the success of the Delta RMP planning effort, Central Valley Regional Water Board staff scheduled a stakeholder kick-off meeting on 30 September 2008. During the initial session of the meeting, staff provided an overview of the impetus for the Delta RMP planning effort, elements of a successful RMP, existing delta monitoring programs, existing regional monitoring program models (e.g., San Francisco Bay RMP), and a facilitated discussion regarding potential constraints that may impede development of the RMP and potential benefits that could be realized should the RMP be successfully implemented. The second session consisted of a summary and further discussion of the key issues (as identified during the first session) that will need to be resolved as the RMP planning effort proceeds forward.

Stakeholder Working Groups - from 2008

One outcome of the stakeholder kick-off meeting was the formation of stakeholder working groups to assist the Water Boards in addressing the following aspects of the RMP framework: governance, monitoring questions, coordination with other programs, data integration, and funding. In an effort to facilitate this process, the project planning team (comprised of Water Boards and Aquatic Science Center staff, and Dr. Brock Bernstein) will prepare straw-man proposals for each of these issues, which will be provided to the working groups and other interested parties for review and comment.