Watershed Management Initiative
Central Valley Region Chapter

This page is no longer updated. The Central Valley Water Board's priorities are identified in the Annual Fact Sheets.

To effectively protect water resources, a mix of point and nonpoint source discharges, ground and surface water interactions, and water quality and quantity relationships must be considered. The complexity of these issues present considerable challenges to water resource protection programs. The State and Regional Water Boards are responding to these challenges with the Watershed Management Initiative (WMI). The WMI is designed to integrate various surface water and groundwater regulatory programs while promoting cooperative, collaborative efforts within a watershed.

The WMI Chapter and Appendices for the Central Valley Region are divided into sections that can be accessed independently, below, or the entire document may be downloaded as one file. Please note that files greater than 1 megabyte will download very slowly on dial-up internet accounts.

The last complete revision of this chapter occurred in 2001. As needed to reflect regional priorities, the sections and subsections will be updated. New sections will be indicated on the Table of Contents with the revision date.

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