TurboSWAP is a software program that assists in the preparation of source water assessment reports for the Drinking Water Source Assessment and Protection (DWSAP) Program.. It was developed by the University of California, Davis – Information Center for the Environment (UCD-ICE) for DHS (now CDPH) specifically for the California DWSAP program. With TurboSWAP, the user inputs assessment data, and the program performs calculations and produces finished reports. (Click here to go to UCD-ICE DWSAP.)

All assessments must now be done with the TurboSWAP program, unless other arrangements are authorized by the local CDPH District Office, or as noted below for small systems.

A key feature of TurboSWAP is the ability to submit assessments electronically to CDPH. This allows CDPH to track progress on assessments, to obtain copies of assessments without the exchange of paper, and to compile the assessment results into a database. TurboSWAP also minimizes inconsistencies and inaccuracies by requiring the user to select sources from a built in pick list, and by creating forms with a consistent format.

TurboSWAP is available to qualified water systems by request through the local CDPH District Engineer (PDF). The program is relatively simple to install and operate for a user with some computer expertise, appropriate equipment, an Internet connection, and no firewall interference. Most users find that assistance from information technology (IT) personnel is necessary or helpful in the installation of the program.

For some water systems, the CDPH district office (or County for some small water systems) may determine that it is simpler for a water system to submit data on paper forms. In this case, the district office will enter the data into the districts copy of TurboSWAP, prepare the reports, and submit the assessment electronically. Small water system forms for groundwater and surface water sources are available are available here.

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