Environmental Review Unit

Last Update: November 3, 2014


The Environmental Review Unit (ERU) is responsible for overseeing compliance and implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for projects funded through the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SDWSRF), Proposition 84 and Proposition 50.

The Division of Drinking Water's (DDW's) Water Supply Permit is a discretionary act and also requires CEQA compliance prior to issuance of a new or amended permit. We may act as a responsible, and in some cases, a lead agency.


All projects funded from the SDWSRF program, Proposition 84, or Proposition 50, must have all draft environmental documents circulated and final notices posted with the Office of Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse. For more information on the CEQA process and forms, visit the Office of Planning and Research.


ERU District Map (PDF).

For more information about the DDW's CEQA requirements, contact us at:

Environmental Review Unit - 
State Water Resources Control Board 
1001 I Street, MS 17A
Sacramento, CA 95814

Telephone (916) 341-5700; Fax (916) 449-5656


CEQA Requirements for Water Supply Permits CEQA for Proposition 50 Projects
Environmental Information Form for Water Supply Permits - for private, mutual, and
CPUC-regulated facilities (Word)
Prop 50 Environmental Information Form (Word)
List of Specific Activities Exempt from CEQA by DDW (Word) Prop 50 Schedule for CEQA Compliance (Word)
Worksheet for CEQA Exemptions - Water Supply Permits (Word) Prop 50 Worksheet for CEQA Exemptions (Word)
Water Supply Permits for Public Water Systems Proposition 50 Funding for Public Water Systems
Information about NEPA and NEPA-Like Requirements CEQA for Proposition 84 Projects
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Prop 84 Environmental Information Form (Word)
NEPA and "NEPA-Like" Requirements (PDF) Prop 84 Schedule for CEQA Compliance (Word)
Basic Criteria for Cultural Resources Reports (Word) Prop 84 Worksheet for CEQA Exemptions (Word)
Basic Criteria for Biological Reports (Word) Proposition 84 Funding for Public Water Systems
CEQA for SDWSRF Projects
SDWSRF Environmental Information Form for private, mutual, and CPUC-regulated systems (Word)
SDWSRF Federal Cross-Cutting Environmental Regulations Applicability Checklist (Word)
SDWSRF Worksheet for CEQA-NEPA Determination (Word)
SDWSRF Funding for Public Water Systems