ELAP Assessor Training

ELAP Assessor Training

In 2017, the State Water Board entered into a 3-year contract with NV5/Dade Moeller & Associates to develop and administer a training program for ELAP assessors designed to advance the development of ELAP assessment staff. The NV5/Dade Moeller assessment team has over 325 years of combined experience with on-site audits and are technical experts in environmental analytical methodologies. The training program consists of a curriculum that includes:

  • technical methods,
  • off-site data evaluations,
  • mock assessments,
  • written examinations, and
  • on-site assessments of accredited laboratories.

The robust knowledge and experience gained through this initiative will be used to develop a training program that will be implemented for training of all current and future ELAP assessment staff.

Assessments of Accredited Drinking Water Laboratories

As part of the training, NV5/Dade Moeller is performing on-site assessments of ELAP-accredited laboratories analyzing drinking water contaminants in California. The laboratories are assessed to analytical method requirements and current regulations.

ELAP staff analyzed the deficiencies from the first 68 on-site assessments to understand laboratory compliance with drinking water analytical methods and current regulations. The findings were presented to the State Water Board at its October 2, 2018 meeting. The data used to develop these findings is available below. Identifying information has been removed.