ELTAC Members


If you are interested in representing your community and assisting ELAP and other California regulatory agencies, now is the time. ELAP has extended the deadline to accept applications and nominations for several vacant Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee seats for Representative and State Regulatory Agency Employee Members. Applications will be accepted July 1st through August 30th . New ELTAC members will begin their service by the Fall 2019 ELTAC meeting.

How to Apply

Submit a complete application package to elapca@waterboards.ca.gov by August 30, 2019. Include:

  1. The applicant or nominee's full name, title, institutional affiliation, and contact information
  2. The applicant or nominee's area(s) of expertise.
  3. A summary of qualifications (1-2 sentences) outlining the individual's technical expertise and who they would represent. Inclusion of curriculum vitae or resume is desirable.
  4. Letter of Recommendation or written endorsement from an organization, association, etc.

diane anderson   
Diane Anderson, APPL, Inc.

Appointed: September 7, 2017
Term Expires: December 31, 2019

Diane Anderson is the president and founder of APPL Inc. (Agriculture and Priority Pollutants Laboratories) in Clovis, CA. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from California State University, Fresno, California, in 1976. From 1976 to 1982, Diane worked as a chemist in the California agriculture industry, and in 1982 she started her own environmental laboratory. Since then, the corporation has grown to over 50 employees. At APPL, Diane has overseen the analytical work for soil remediation, water quality monitoring, and Department of Defense projects. She has participated in US EPA method development for many hazardous waste methodologies and is an active member of several industry workgroups. APPL, Inc.’s professional certifications include Department of Defense, NELAC, NELAP, 15 individual state, and woman-owned, small, disadvantaged business certifications.

Representing hazardous waste testing laboratories
Contact: danderson@applinc.com

mindy boele   
Mindy Boele, City of Vacaville

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Mindy Boele is currently the Water Quality Laboratory Supervisor for the City of Vacaville, responsible for analysis to support an NPDES permit, a WDR permit and the Water System. She has over 20 years Environmental and Analytical Laboratory experience, including 7 years in an oil refinery QA Lab. Mindy serves as Chairperson of the CWEA RES Lab committee and is an active member in the State CWEA, BACWA, and CVCWA Lab Committees, as well the PSC/NBA Users group and SAWWA organization.

Representing CWEA
Contact: mindy.boele@cityofvacaville.com

stephen arms   
Jill Brodt, Brelje and Race Laboratories

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Jill Brodt has been the Laboratory Director at Brelje and Race Laboratories, Inc. since 2008, where she focuses on the analysis of drinking water and wastewater in the North Bay. In her role, Jill continues to successfully implement procedural and technical changes in order to meet current regulations. Jill holds a BA degree from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Water Quality and lives with her family in Santa Rosa.

Representing small, Northern California commercial laboratories
Contact: jillb@brlabsinc.com

Sean McCarthy, P.E., State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water

Appointed: March 20, 2018
Term Expires: March 31, 2020

Sean McCarthy holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering, and has over 19 years experience in the drinking water industry dealing with water utilities, consulting engineers, and regulatory agencies. Sean has extensive experience conducting comprehensive evaluations of public water systems. He has also provided technical assistance to public water systems of varying sizes and treatment facility complexities on issues ranging from water treatment plant performance problems to regulatory compliance issues. Sean is a registered Professional Engineer and currently serves as South Coast Section Chief of the Division of Drinking Water with the State Water Board.

Representing Division of Drinking Water, State Water Resources Control Board
Contact: sean.mccarthy@waterboards.ca.gov

gail cho   
Gail Cho, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Gail Cho is the Quality Assurance officer for the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) Laboratories. Ms. Cho has over 25 years of experience working in environmental and food testing laboratories. She has analyzed dairy products for compliance to state standards and water samples for compliance to drinking water and NPDES standards while working at a commercial laboratory before assuming roles in quality assurance. As a QA/QC officer for several large commercial environmental testing labs, her responsibility was to implement and oversee the quality assurance programs that met USEPA Contract Laboratory Program, state, and Department of Defense program requirements.

Representing Department of Fish and Wildlife
Contact: gail.cho@wildlife.ca.gov

stephen clark   
Stephen Clark, Pacific EcoRisk, ELTAC Chairperson

Appointed Chairperson: November 15, 2018
Term Expires: December 31, 2019

Stephen received his B.S. in biology with a focus in marine biology from CSU, Stanislaus, and performed his doctorate research in ecotoxicology at the UC Davis. For over 27 years, Stephen has been directing and participating in aquatic ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry research and testing. In 1999, Stephen joined Pacific EcoRisk (PER), an environmental consulting and testing company in Fairfield, CA. He has served as PER’s QA Officer, Laboratory Director, and is currently PER’s Vice President.

Representing specialty laboratories
Contact: slclark@pacificecorisk.com

ronald coss   
Ronald Coss, Orange County Sanitation District

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Ron Coss is currently the manager of the Environmental Laboratory and Ocean Monitoring Division for the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD). Ron has supervised or managed laboratories for over 30 years in both the public and private sectors. Ron holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and master’s degree in public health, in addition to a master’s degree in public administration. Ron has earned several professional certifications in the areas of laboratory analysis, environmental science and management.

Representing CWEA
Contact: rcoss@ocsd.com

huy do   
Huy Do, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Mr. Do is the current Quality Assurance (QA) Manager for the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County’s ten ELAP-certified environmental laboratories. He has more than 20 years of environmental laboratory experience from both privately and publicly owned laboratories. Prior to working in QA, Mr. Do was involved in the development and validation of analytical methods for the detection and quantitation of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in water matrices. He is representing California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) on ELTAC.

Representing CASA
Contact: hdo@lacsd.org

andy eaton   
Andy Eaton, Eurofins Eaton Analytical

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Andy Eaton, PhD., BCES is currently Technical Director and VP and has spent more than 35 years with Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc. (EEA), the nation's largest potable water commercial lab.  Dr. Eaton received his PhD. in geochemistry from Harvard University and a postdoc at CalTech.  He has served on numerous state, federal, and industry work groups, including the former ELTAC and as chair of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.   He has more than 100 publications and presentations. Dr. Eaton serves as a member of the Joint Editorial Board of Standard Methods and is also the chair of the Journal Editorial Board for the Journal of the American Water Works Association (JAWWA). Andy represents large commercial labs on ELTAC.

Representing large, multistate commercial laboratories
Contact: andyeaton@eurofinsUS.com
miriam ghabour   
Miriam Ghabour, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Miriam Ghabour has 15 years of experience in the environmental laboratory field. She works at MWD, where she develops and maintains the quality system for its six certified laboratories. Miriam holds a B.S. in Chemistry from U.C. Berkeley. As a former chemist with the State of California, she used complex instrumentation to analyze a variety of matrices and holds certifications from the U.S. EPA, the U.S. FDA, and TNI.

Representing large municipal laboratories
Contact: mghabour@mwdh2o.com

bruce godfrey   
Bruce Godfrey, Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Dr. Bruce Godfrey manages interdisciplinary teams in process improvement, quality assurance, and organizational development for the Montrose Environmental Group (MEG), a national provider of environmental tests & measurements including; drinking and wastewater, air and stack testing, industrial hygiene, radiochemistry, contaminated site remediation, waste characterization, aquatic toxicity, and microbiology. He has 36 years’ commercial laboratory experience and earned BA and Ph.D. Degrees in Biochemistry from the University of California.

Representing ACIL
Contact: bgodfrey@montrose-env.com

anthony gonzalez   
Anthony Gonzalez, California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Anthony H. Gonzalez, Ph.D., HCLD (ABB) is Chief of Public Health Laboratory Services for the County of Sacramento and is a member of the California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors (CAPHLD). He represents both ELAP accredited California public health laboratories and CAPHLD.

Representing CAPHLD
Contact: gonzaleza@SacCounty.net

rich gossett   
Rich Gossett, Physis Laboratories

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Rich has nearly 39 years of experience in environmental chemistry. From 1977 to 1991 he worked at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP), from 1991-1995 at the Orange County Sanitation Districts Trace Organics Laboratory, and from 1995-2009 at CRG Marine Laboratories a commercial laboratory. In 2009 Rich took the position as Director of the Institute for Integrated Research in Materials, Environments, and Society located on the campus of California State University, Long Beach and concurrently in 2010 I started a commercial laboratory, Physis Environmental Laboratories in Anaheim.

Representing commercial and academic laboratories
Contact: richgossett@physislabs.com

david kimbrough   
David Kimbrough, Pasadena Water and Power

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Dr. Kimbrough (“kim broh”) has worked for over 30 years in a wide variety of laboratory settings, including toxicology, food, indoor air chemistry, outdoor air chemistry, solid waste, wastewater, and drinking water all in Los Angeles County. He has chaired the Laboratory Accreditation Work Group and the Association of California Water Agencies’ Lab Issues Work Group. He was a member of the Federal Advisory Committee on Detection and Quantitation. He is currently the Water Quality Manager for Pasadena Water & Power.

Representing small, Southern California municipal laboratories
Contact: dkimbrough@cityofpasadena.net

mark koekemoer   
Mark Koekemoer, Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Mark Koekemoer serves as the Laboratory Director for the Central Marin Sanitation Agency (CMSA). He has worked professionally as a chemist since 2002, where he has always sought to find ways improve analytical data quality, laboratory productivity and environmental stewardship. Mark has been a member of various Standard Method Joint Task Groups since 2003 and serves as a key representative for the CWEA North Bay Laboratory Committee. Mark holds a Master of Science Degree from Texas A&M University.

Representing small, Northern California municipal laboratories
Contact: mkoekemoer@cmsa.us

bruce labelle   
Bruce LaBelle, California Department of Toxic Substances Control

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Bruce LaBelle has directed the Department’s Environmental Chemistry Laboratory since 2005. From 1989 until 2005, he worked in DTSC’s Pollution Prevention Program, evaluating environmental technologies. From 1987 until 1989, he was a field inspector in DTSC’s Enforcement Program. He has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Davis, and postdoctoral research experience at the UC San Francisco Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in structure-activity relationships and at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the synthesis of optically active chemicals.

Representing Department of Toxic Substances Control
Contact: bruce.labelle@dtsc.ca.gov

allison mackenzie   
Allison Mackenzie, Babcock Laboratories

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Ms. Mackenzie is President and CEO of Babcock Laboratories, Inc., a significant environmental services and solutions provider to government and commercial clients in the State. Ms. Mackenzie has over 35 years of laboratory and laboratory management experience in food & beverage, drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, and hazardous materials testing.

Representing medium/large California commercial laboratories
Contact: amackenzie@babcocklabs.com

renee spears   
Renee Spears, State Water Resources Control Board

Appointed: March 23, 2016
Term Expires: March 31, 2018*

Renee graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology (1985). From 1985 to 2001, she worked as a laboratory analyst in both the food industry and environmental laboratories. Her career in state service began inin in 2001 with the Department of Toxic Substances Control as a Hazardous Substance Control Scientist. In 2012, she transferred to the State Water Resources Control Board and serves as the Quality Assurance Officer in the Office of Information Management and Analysis.

Representing State Water Resources Control Board
Contact: renee.spears@waterboards.ca.gov


*Seat administratively extended until new appointee is approved by Division of Drinking Water Deputy Director