Expired Drinking Water Laboratory Accreditation


Section 64415(a) of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) requires that analyses pursuant to Chapter 15 “Domestic Water Quality and Monitoring Regulations” be performed by environmental laboratories accredited by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). To maintain accreditation, a laboratory must comply with the application requirements as cited in the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Act Sections 100825-100920 and California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 4, Chapter 19.  ELAP accreditation is valid for only two years. If a laboratory does not apply for renewal at least 90 days prior to the expiration of its current accreditation, the certificate may expire and the laboratory will no longer be accredited (CCR §64805(d)). Laboratories must also meet regulatory requirements imlemented by ELAP to remain accredited for drinking water analyses. ELAP may rescind accreditation if a laboratory is unable to meet these requirements.

What is a water system’s responsibility?

It is a water system’s responsibility to ensure its laboratory is accredited to perform the analyses for its monitoring requirements. Failure to have compliance samples analyzed by an ELAP-accredited laboratory could result in a monitoring violation requiring public notification and a requirement to resample (California Code of Regulations Section 64415(a)). Note that use of an unaccredited laboratory for services other than drinking water quality compliance analyses is not affected by loss of accreditation.

Below is a list of laboratories who are no longer accredited to perform water analyses.

Certificate Number Laboratory Name Street Address City State Zip Code Expiration Date
1657 A & L Western Laboratories 1311 Woodland Ave #1 Modesto CA 95351 10/31/2018
2811 AIH Laboratory 2556 W Woodland Dr. Anaheim CA 92801 10/31/2018
1358 Weaverville Sanitary District 241 Trinity Lake Blvd Weaverville CA 96093 10/31/2018
1362 City of Modesto Water Quality Laboratory 1221 Sutter Ave Modesto CA 95351 10/31/2018
1771 Stanislaus County Public Health Laboratory 820 Scenic Drive Modesto CA 95350 6/30/2018

Online Laboratory Accreditation Status Lookup Tool
To check the accreditation status of your water system’s laboratory, visit the map on ELAP’s webpage at www.waterboards.ca.gov/elap. Instructions for using the map are found on this web page under: Online Laboratory Lookup Tool.

  1. Go to www.waterboards.ca.gov/elap. Click the link next to “LOOKING FOR A LAB?” to go to ELAP’s GIS Map.


  1. Type the name of a laboratory into the search box in the upper left corner and click the magnifying glass icon to search.


  1. When you have located the laboratory, click on the “More info” link next to the FOT list in the laboratory’s information box.


  1. The laboratory’s Accredited Fields of Testing (FOT) List will appear. Verify the expiration date and that the list contains the analyses for which the laboratory is providing services to your agency.