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Welcome to the Visalia District

The Visalia District of the Division of Drinking Water (Division) consists of more than 200 public water systems in four counties located in the Central Valley of California, including Kern, Tulare, Kings, and Fresno counties. We share the regulation jurisdiction of public water systems in three counties with three other district offices. In Kern County, the Visalia District regulates public water systems on the valley floor while the Tehachapi District regulates the remaining water systems in the county. The Visalia District also shares regulatory oversight in Tulare County with the Tulare District and in Fresno County with the Fresno District. The Visalia District covers a large geographical portion of the southern Central Valley in California with large influences from the agriculture and dairy industries. The water systems face a high diversity of water quality and water quantity challenges with many of the water systems providing water to small rural economically disadvantaged communities.

One county in the Visalia District, Kings County still has a contract with the Division as a local primacy agency (LPAs, staffed by county health departments) that administers the small water system program within their jurisdiction. Small water systems that serve drinking water to restaurants, businesses, schools, churches, etc., and to communities having less than 200 service connections in Kings County are regulated by the Kings County Environmental Health Program. Currently there are approximately 35 public water systems in Kings County regulated by the Kings County LPA. The Visalia District regulates public waters systems with more than 200 service connections in Kings County.

Based on the geology and local land use in the area, the water systems in the Visalia District have significant water quality problems with some water systems providing drinking water at levels exceeding drinking water standards or maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) (e.g., arsenic, hexavalent chromium, nitrate and volatile organic compounds).These water systems are under a regulatory Compliance Order to correct the water quality problem and are required to provide quarterly public notification to the customers.

Water systems in the Visalia District are assigned to District Staff for inspections, monitoring schedules, permits and general technical assistance. The boundaries for the Visalia District have varied greatly over the last fifteen years as the new districts were created. For a list of the public water systems regulated by the Visalia District and the assigned staff person, please see link below. Feel free to contact us at any time. The Visalia District has developed this webpage to assist our public water systems with information and materials they need to deliver safe drinking water to their consumers.


Important Dates and Reminders

  All Water Systems
  • Electronic Annual Report due by April 30th
  • Consumer Confidence Report due by July 1st
  • Annual Nitrate (as N) due by December 31st (Sampling frequency may vary)
  • Lead and Copper Tap Sampling
    • Annual or Triennial Sampling is conducted June 1st through September 30th
    • (Contact Us for your specific sampling schedule)
  Water Systems with Compliance Orders
  • Quarterly Compliance Order Requirements due by April 10th, July 10th, October 10th, and January 10th

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