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ARRA Bid Solicitation and Construction Contract Guidance

Last Update: August 29, 2009

This page has information on "Buy American" from US EPA, and Bid Solicitation and Construction Contract Guidance.

For more, see the main ARRA web page and ARRA FAQ (Word), as well as ARRA Project Reporting.

For other funding-related announcements and information, please go to our funding opportunities for public water systems webpage.

Buy American Information

  • The recording and slides for the June 22, 2009, US EPA WEBCAST - Complying with ARRA Buy American Provisions for SRF-Funded Projects - are at http://water.epa.gov/grants_funding/eparecovery/

    REMINDER: Only water systems can request a Buy American waiver. Waiver applicants must submit their requests and necessary documentation to US EPA Region 9 office at Region9waiver@epa.gov. It is recommended that the water systems submit their requests for waivers as soon as they are aware that they might not be able to comply with the Buy American requirements.

SDWSRF-ARRA Bid Solicitation and Construction Contract Guidance

NOTE: Clarifications and additions have been made to the bid solicitation and construction contract guidance documents. Please refer to the following errata for specific changes.

ERRATA - Bid Solicitation and Construction Contract Guidance (Word) - updated August 13, 2009

The cover letter, checklist, guidance, exhibit A, and attachments A-M follow:




(Updated 3/14/18)