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Basin Plan Program

2014 Basin Plan Cleanup Amendments

Staff of the Lahontan Water Board are proposing amendments to the Basin Plan that will (1) change reference to Nondegradation Objective from a water quality objective to a policy statement and implementation measure, (2) add mixing zone provisions, (3) revise certain existing waste discharge prohibitions and/or exemptions to those prohibitions, delete certain existing waste discharge prohibitions and applicable exemptions, and add certain waste discharge prohibitions and exemptions, (4) amend Chapter 5 for consistency with the updated Clean Water Act Section 208 Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan), and (5) correct grammatical and punctuation errors, and address outdated policy references.

The proposed amendments were approved by the Lahontan Water Board on April 9, 2014. Additional approval is required from the State Water Board and the Office of Administrative Law.  Provisions of the amendments that are considered “standards” under the Clean Water Act will also require approval by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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