Draft California 2014 Integrated Report (303(d) List/305(b) Report)

Supporting Information

Regional Board 4 - Los Angeles Region

Water Body Name: Rocky Point Beach
Water Body ID: CAX4051100019990923102930
Water Body Type: Coastal & Bay Shoreline
Region 4     
Rocky Point Beach
Pollutant: Beach Closures
Final Listing Decision: Delist from 303(d) list (TMDL required list)
Last Listing Cycle's Final Listing Decision: Delist from 303(d) list (TMDL required list)(2012)
Revision Status Original
Reason for Delisting: Flaws in original listing
Impairment from Pollutant or Pollution: Pollutant
Regional Board Staff Conclusion: This pollutant is being considered for delisting under section 4 of the Listing Policy. Under this section of the Policy, a minimum of one line of evidence is needed to assess listing status.

One line of evidence is available in the administrative record to assess this pollutant. Based on the applicable factor, a TMDL has been developed and approved by USEPA and an approved implementation plan is expected to result in attainment of the standard. It is not known if the beach closure information is backed by coliform data. Beach closure information should not be placed on the section 303(d) list because it is not a pollutant or toxicity (section 2 of the Listing Policy).

Based on the readily available data and information, the weight of evidence indicates that there is sufficient justification in favor of removing these listing from the 303(d) list because beach closures are not pollutants.
Regional Board Staff Decision Recommendation: This is a decision previously approved by the State Water Resources Control Board and the USEPA. No new data were assessed by the Regional Board for the current cycle. The decision has not changed.
Line of Evidence (LOE) for Decision ID 37732, Beach Closures
Region 4     
Rocky Point Beach
LOE ID: 3578
Pollutant: Beach Closures
LOE Subgroup: Narrative Description Data
Matrix: Not Specified
Fraction: None
Beneficial Use: Water Contact Recreation
Number of Samples: 0
Number of Exceedances: 0
Data and Information Type: Not Specified
Data Used to Assess Water Quality: A TMDL and implementation plan has been approved for this water segment-pollutant combination. The Santa Monica Bay Bacteria Dry Weather TMDL was approved by RWQCB on January 24, 2002 and subsequently approved by USEPA. The Santa Monica Bay Bacteria Wet Weather TMDL was approved by RWQCB on December 12, 2004 and approved by USEPA on June 19, 2003.
Data Reference: Placeholder reference 2006 303(d)
Water Quality Objective/Criterion:
Objective/Criterion Reference:
Evaluation Guideline:
Guideline Reference:
Spatial Representation:
Temporal Representation:
Environmental Conditions:
QAPP Information: QA Info Missing
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