Draft California 2014 Integrated Report (303(d) List/305(b) Report)

Supporting Information

Regional Board 4 - Los Angeles Region

Water Body Name: Santa Clara River Reach 4A (A Street, Fillmore to Piru Creek)
Water Body ID: CAR4034100020140626054411
Water Body Type: River & Stream
Region 4     
Santa Clara River Reach 4A (A Street, Fillmore to Piru Creek)
Pollutant: Trash
Final Listing Decision: List on 303(d) list (being addressed by action other than TMDL)
Last Listing Cycle's Final Listing Decision: New Decision
Revision Status Revised
Sources: Source Unknown
Expected Attainment Date: 2027
Implementation Action Other than TMDL: Trash related impairment is being addressed by implementation actions required under State Water Resources Control Board Resolution 2015-0019 ?Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for Ocean Waters of California to Control Trash and Part 1 Trash Provisions of the Water Quality Control Plan for Inland Surface Waters, Enclosed Bays, and Estuaries of California?
Impairment from Pollutant or Pollution: Pollutant
Regional Board Staff Conclusion: This pollutant is being considered for placement on the CWA section 303(d) List under section 3.7 of the Listing Policy. Under section 3.7 a single line of evidence is necessary to assess listing status.

1 line of evidence is available in the administrative record to assess this pollutant.
8 of 9 samples exceeded the guideline.

Based on the readily available data and information, the weight of evidence indicates that there is sufficient justification in favor of placing this water segment-pollutant combination on the CWA section 303(d) List. This conclusion is based on the staff findings that:
1. The data used satisfies the data quality requirements of section 6.1.4 of the Policy.
2. The data used satisfies the data quantity requirements of section 6.1.5 of the Policy.
3. 8 of 9 samples exceed the guideline and this exceeds the allowable frequency listed in Table 3.2 of the Listing Policy.
4. Pursuant to section 3.11 of the Listing Policy, no additional data and information are available indicating that standards are not met.
Regional Board Staff Decision Recommendation: After review of the available data and information, RWQCB staff concludes that the water body-pollutant combination should be placed on the section 303(d) list because applicable water quality standards are exceeded and a pollutant contributes to or causes the problem.
Line of Evidence (LOE) for Decision ID 67453, Trash
Region 4     
Santa Clara River Reach 4A (A Street, Fillmore to Piru Creek)
LOE ID: 96082
Pollutant: Trash
LOE Subgroup: Pollutant-Nuisance
Matrix: Not Specified
Fraction: None
Beneficial Use: Warm Freshwater Habitat
Number of Samples: 9
Number of Exceedances: 8
Data and Information Type: Not Specified
Data Used to Assess Water Quality: Eight of the 9 samples exceed the narrative objective. Trash was observed and counted as part of the sampling efforts of the Ventura Coastkeepers.
Data Reference: Data for Various Pollutants from Wishtoyo Foundation's Ventura Coastkeeper, 2009-2010.
Water Quality Objective/Criterion: From the Los Angeles RWQCB Basin Plan: Waters shall not contain floating materials, including solids, liquids, foams, and scum, in concentrations that cause nuisance or adversely affect beneficial uses.
Objective/Criterion Reference: Water Quality Control Plan Los Angeles Region R4 Basin Plan
Evaluation Guideline: The Los Angeles River Trash TMDL derived a numeric target for trash to evaluate the narrative guidelines listed in the Basin Plan. This target was derived as 0 for trash to fully support beneficial uses and also includes a margin of safety.
Guideline Reference: Trash Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Los Angeles River Watershed Revised Draft Staff Report. California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region. July 27, 2007.
Spatial Representation: The following sites were surveyed:
SC-06 (Santa Clara River, Highway 23 Bridge, Fillmore, Friends of Santa Clara SC-06 Site)
SC-08 (Santa Clara River, Torrey Road Bridge, Downstream Piru Creek Confluence)
Temporal Representation: Sites were surveyed during the following time periods:
7/25/2009, 8/30/2009, 9/27/2009, 10/28/2009, 3/26/2010, 5/25/2010. 7/18/2010, and 8/20/2010.
Environmental Conditions:
QAPP Information: Wishtoyo Foundation volunteer monitoring QAPP was provided.
QAPP Information Reference(s): Quality Assurance Project Plan from Wishtoyo Foundation.