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drinking water

This topic provides links to information about drinking water quality as well as the facilities and systems that supply drinking water.

Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Regulatory Information

  • Water Quality Inquiry

    The Water Quality Inquiry portal allows users to view details of violations and enforcement actions (along with details of the water system and its facilities, as well as monitoring results and details of site visits) for any public water system in California. Users can search for a particular water system by system name or number, county served, or regulating agency. For assistance, please contact the DRINC portal administrator at

  • Drinking Water Program Repository

    This page provides links to download flat files (CSV files and Excel workbooks) containing data covering a number of categories within the drinking water program, including annual reports from public water systems, a list of active public water systems (including contact, location, water source, and type), recent conservation reports for small water suppliers and urban water suppliers, and drinking water quality results from 2013 to present. For assistance, please contact the DRINC portal administrator at

Water Supplier Information

  • Water Supplier Lookup Tool

    This map-based tool can be used to determine who the water supplier is for a certain area. The water supplier boundaries are based on information provided directly by participating water suppliers via the California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Systems Geographic Reporting Tool.