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drinking water

This topic provides links to information about drinking water quality as well as the facilities and systems that supply drinking water.

Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Regulatory Information

Drinking Water Quality
The Division of Drinking Water requires laboratories to submit water quality data directly. The data is received twice. For assistance, please contact the DRINC portal administrator at

Public Water System Information
Drinking Water Watch is a public web portal to view public water systems (PWS) location, facilities, sources, and samples. The dataset provides multiple CSV extracts for all PWS, all water source facilities, and all sample points. The data on the web portal is sourced from US EPA database Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) as well as the Drinking Water Quality results hosted on the EDT Library dataset. For assistance, please contact

Water Supplier Information

Public Water System Service Area Boundary Tool (a.k.a. Water Boundary Tool)
This interactive map tool can be used to explore public water system service area boundaries and download the boundary information.