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Agricultural Regulatory Program

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Enroll in the Agricultural Regulatory Program and Update NOI Information

Owners and/or operators of irrigated cropland on or from which there are discharges of waste that could affect the quality of any surface water or groundwater must enroll in the Agricultural Order by submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI). The NOI form must be filled out electronically, using the links below. Owners and/or operators that have submitted an electronic NOI and have a username and password, must login using the Returning eNOI Users link.

Annually by October 1, growers must update the eNOI to reflect any changes to the operation or ranch/farm information, including any changes in acreage or contact information.  Growers with Tier 2 and Tier 3 ranches/or farms must also submit the Annual Compliance Form (ACF) to describe progress towards compliance with the Order, including implementation of management practices, treatment or control measures, or changes in farming practices.

Note: Returning eNOI Users are initially provided a temporary username and password from the Water Board. After growers login with this temporary information, growers are prompted to create a unique username and password. Please save this unique username and password, as it is required for future logins

Forms & Instructions

These documents can be useful as guides for submitting, viewing, and/or updating electronic NOI information. Please check back here for periodic updates to these documents.

Sample Electronic NOI Form    
Electronic NOI Field Descriptions:    ENGLISH   or   SPANISH
Electronic NOI Information and Instructions

Water Board Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the electronic NOI or Annual Compliance Form please contact:

Water Board staff at (805) 549-3148 or AgNOI@waterboards.ca.gov

Para información en Español llame a Monica Barricarte al [805] 549-3148