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South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Administrative Civil Liability Complaint

a. Hearing Notice
b. ACLC Technical Report and Appendices
c. Prosecution's Case*
     i. Brief
     ii. Index of reports
d. South San Luis Obispo County Case *
     i. Brief , Witness and Evidence List
e. Prosecution Team's Rebuttal*
     i. Brief
     ii.Witness list (revised)
     ii. Index of documents
f. Public Comment Letters
g. Public Comment Letter 2
h. Hearing Transcript
i. Chair’s Ruling on Objections to Conduct of Administrative Hearing
j. Final Order No. R3-20120041 - adopted and signed
Note: Some of the copies of Draft Order No. R3-2012-0041 handed out to members of the public and the Board at the Board meeting on October 3, 2012, inadvertantly did not include page 10 of the Draft Order. The Order signed by Mr. Harris does include page 10 to accurately reflect the Order deliberated on by Board members and voted on during open session.
k. Press Release on Water Board's Decision
l. October 3, 2012 - Transcript
* Each of the components marked with an asterisk has additional supporting documentation. If you are interested in reviewing this material, please contact the Waterboard at (805) 549-3147.
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m. Settlement, Public Notice, & Final Issuance

South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District – On September 6, 2016, the Central Coast Water Board Executive Officer and the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District (District) agreed to settle the alleged violation of Clean Water Act section 301, Statewide Waste Discharge Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Systems, State Water Board Order No. 2006-0003-DWQ, and Waste Discharge Requirement Order No. R3-2009-0046, NPDES Permit No. CA0048003 for $1,109,812.80.  Stipulated Order No. R3-2016-0045, Settlement Agreement and Stipulation for Entry of Administrative Civil Liability Order No. R3-2012-0041 (Order).  The Order alleges that the District failed to prevent a sanitary sewer overflow on December 19 and 20, 2010, which spilled an estimated 674,400 gallons of untreated sewage from the upstream collection system during a rain event.  The Order was published on September 6, 2016, for public comment through October 6, 2016, and received several comments as shown in Response to Comments Received on Proposed Stipulated Order No. R3-2016-0045.  As described in Item #3 therein, Water Board staff concurred with the revisions suggested by member agencies of the Northern Cities Management Area and incorporated them into the final Order as issued and effective on October 13, 2016. 

The Order allows the District to pay $110,981.28 of the total liability to the Central Coast Ambient Monitoring Program – Groundwater Assessment and Protection program (CCAMP-GAP) as a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP), which will result in ground water monitoring to characterize water quality in the Central Coast region with focus on providing the public with information about the safety of their drinking water, and providing drinking water for disadvantaged communities.  The Order allows the District to pay $221,962.56 towards a SEP to develop a groundwater basin model for the Northern Cities Management Area and Nipomo Mesa Management Area of the Santa Maria Groundwater Basin.  The Order allows the District to pay $221,962.56 towards an Enhanced Compliance Action project to construct a grit removal system at the District’s wastewater treatment facility.  The Order requires the District to pay the remaining one half of the total liability, or $554,906.40, to the State Water Board Cleanup and Abatement Account, which provides grants to clean up pollution in cases where no viable responsible party is available, or for habitat restoration, studies, monitoring, and planning activities.

Questions on this matter may be directed to Harvey Packard at harvey.packard@waterboards.ca.gov.