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Lower San Antonio Fecal Indicator Bacteria TMDL


Problem Statement - Waterbodies in the Lower San Antonio River subwatershed are impaired due to exceedance of fecal coliform water quality objectives and USEPA recommended criteria for E. coli. Consequently, water contact recreation beneficial uses are not being protected. This project identifies the causes of impairment and describes solutions to achieve water quality objectives and protection of beneficial uses.
Map of the project area

Status and Public Notices

Status: Fully approved and effective.
Public Notice: None at this time.

Approval status

Central Coast Water Board - Executive Officer certified May 17, 2011, which is the effective date.
US Environmental Protection Agency - approved November 30, 2011.


For Additional Information

Please contact Pete Osmolovsky at 805-549-3699 or by email at pete.osmolovsky@waterboards.ca.gov

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