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Tentative Orders - 03/04 May 2007 Board Meeting

Tentative Orders - 03/04 May 2007 Board Meeting

Items to be considered by the Board at the 03/04 May 2007 Board Meeting, organized by agenda item number
  1. City of Angels, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Calaveras County Consideration of New NPDES Permit

  2. Placer County Department of Facility Services, Sewer Maintenance District No. 3, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal and Cease and Desist Order

  3. City of Biggs, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Butte County - Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal and Rescission of Cease and Desist Order and Special Order

  4. Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River Basins for the Control of Diazinon and Chlorpyrifos Runoff into the Sacramento and Feather Rivers - Consideration of Adoption of Proposed Amendment and Filing of Draft Environmental Documents

  5. Existing Milk Cow Dairies - Consideration of Waste Discharge Requirements General Order

  6. City of Tracy, Wastewater Treatment Plant, San Joaquin County Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal, Time Schedule Order and Waste Discharge Requirements for Land Disposal

  7. Mountain House Community Services District, Mountain House Wastewater Treatment Plant, San Joaquin County Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal and Time Schedule Order

  8. Strategic Planning Workshop, 8 KB, PDF (PDF Info)

  9. City of Folsom, Sanitary Sewer Collection System, Sacramento County Consideration of Resolution Rescinding NPDES Permit and Cease and Desist Order

  11. Uncontested NPDES Permits

    City of Red Bluff, Red Bluff Wastewater Reclamation Plant, Tehama County Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal

  12. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements, 16 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Oroville Landfill Properties, et al., Clean Closure of Class III Wood Waste Landfill, Butte County

    2. Sierra Nevada Cheese Company, Inc. and Gregersen Properties LLC, Cheese Production Facility, Glenn County, Adoption of Waste Discharge Requirements and Rescission of NPDES No. CA0077763

    3. The United States Air Force, Beale Air Force Base, Enhanced In-situ Bioremediation of Volatile Organic Constituents at Site 31, Yuba County (new)

    4. California Department of Water Resources, Tisdale Bypass Sediment Removal Project, Sutter County (waiver)

    5. Forward Inc., Allied Waste Industries, Inc., Post-Closure Maintenance, French Camp Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, San Joaquin County (revision)

    6. Western Placer Waste Management Authority, Western Regional Sanitary Landfill Facility, Construction and Operation, Class II and Class III Landfills, Placer County (revised)

    7. Contra Costa Water Authority and Contra Costa Water District, Randall Bold Water Treatment Plant and Brentwood Water Treatment Plant, Contra Costa County (new)

    8. Kautz Vineyards Inc., Ironstone Vineyards, Calaveras County (revision)

    9. John and Gail Kautz, John Kautz Farms, Hay Station Ranch Recycled Water Reuse Areas, Calaveras County (revision)

    10. Murphys Sanitary District, Murphys Wastewater Treatment Plant, Calaveras County. (Resolution amending WDRs)

  13. Uncontested Change of Name and/or Ownership, 12 KB, PDF (PDF Info)

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