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Tentative Orders - 11/12 June 2009 Board Meeting

Tentative Orders - 11/12 June 2009 Board Meeting

Items to be considered by the Board at the 11/12 June 2009 Board Meeting, organized by agenda item number

Information Items and Other Business

  1. Status of the Groundwater Strategy for The Central Valley Region – (Informational Item)
  2. Consideration of Resolution Approving the Clean Water Action Sections 305(b) and 303(d) Integrated Report for the Central Valley Region
  3. Discussion of Strategic Planning -The Board will continue its strategic planning and process of setting goals for the Central Valley Regional Water Board
  4. United States Air Force, Beale Air Force Base Wastewater Treatment Plant, Yuba County – Consideration of Order amending of Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5-2004-0045 to Rescind NPDES No. CA0110299 and rescinding Cease and Desist Order No. R5-2004-0046

Uncontested NPDES Permits

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permits, 9 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. General Electric Company and Wellmade Products Company, Groundwater Cleanup System, Merced County (renewal)

Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements

  1. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirements, 11 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Sysco Food Services of Sacramento, Inc., Sutter County, (revision)
    2. Pestoni Brothers LLC and South Lake Reuse & Recycling, South Lake Refuse Resource Recovery and Compost Facility on Quackenbush Mountain, Lake County (revision)

Uncontested NPDES Permit Rescissions

  1. Uncontested NPDES Permit Rescissions, 8 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. California Department of Toxic Substances Control, Collins and Aikman Products Company, Inc., Former Wickes Forest Industries Site Groundwater Remediation System, Solano County, Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5 2004 0066 (NPDES No.CA0081531)

Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirement Rescissions

  1. Uncontested Waste Discharge Requirement Rescissions, 10 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Aerojet Solid Propulsion Company, CCD Plant No.2, Deep Disposal Well, Sacramento County, Order No. 74-251
    2. Cordova Chemical Company, Deep Disposal Well No. 2, Sacramento County, Order No. 76-12
    3. Former Cal-A-Nan Dairy, San Joaquin County, Order No. 90-110
    4. Former A & A Sousa Dairy, San Joaquin County, Order No. 93-108
    5. Former Oaktree Ranch, Calaveras County, Order No. 96-210
    6. Former Jose B. Franco Dairy, Stanislaus County, Order No. 96-270

Uncontested Change of Name and/or Ownership

  1. Uncontested Change of Name and/or Ownership, 13 KB, PDF (PDF Info)
    1. Yosemite Lakes Campground, Tuolumne County, Order No. 00-054
    2. Lake of the Springs, Thousand Trails Lake of the Springs, Yuba County, 91-194
    3. Feather River Rock Company, Chester, Plumas County, Order No. 91-208
    4. Fresno GSV, Fresno County, Order No. 94-369
    5. Quail Ridge Resort, Mobile Home and RV Park, Yuba County, 95-130
    6. Bottle Rock Power Corporation, Francisco Geothermal Steamfield, Lake County, 99-091
    7. NACO West/Snowflower Inc., NACO West Waste Disposal, Placer County, 5-00-030

Contested Enforcement

  1. City of Portola, Portola Wastewater Treatment Plant, Plumas County – Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal, and Rescission of Cease and Desist Order

Contested NPDES Permits

  1. City of Angels Wastewater Treatment Plant, Calaveras County – Consideration of Order amending Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R5 2007 0031 (NPDES No. CA0085201) THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE AGENDA
  2. City of Grass Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nevada County – Continued Hearing for the Consideration of NPDES Permit Renewal (NPDES No. CA0079898) and Cease and Desist Order

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