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The Central Valley Water Board has allowed growers to combine resources by forming water quality coalitions (also referred to as a third-party). The coalition groups work directly with their member growers to assist in complying with Central Valley Water Board requirements by conducting surface water monitoring and preparing regional plans to address water quality problems.  Under the waste discharge requirements (current program), which protect both surface water and groundwater, growers can join a Coalition group.

To join a Coalition group, growers must follow instructions depending on the location of parcels that are required to have regulatory coverage. Please see information on how to apply to join a Coalition.

Coalition Contact Information & Shape Files

Growers are required to comply with the Water Code, but are not required to join a coalition. Growers may comply with the Water Code by filing for coverage under Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands for Individual Growers. If growers do not obtain regulatory coverage for their waste discharges, they must file a Report of Waste Discharge (Form 200) and pay a filing fee to the Central Valley Water Board to obtain a grower-specific permit, or cease to discharge wastes that may affect the quality of state waters. For additional information, please contact ILRP, or apply to join a Coalition.

Apply to Join a Coalition Group

Apply to join a coalition group by contacting or visiting the appropriate coalition from the list below and submit a New Membership Application along with its associated fee. Coalitions are determined by the location of the parcels that are required to have regulatory coverage. The links below will direct you to the appropriate coalitions website.

California map showing third-party (coalition) boundaries within the Central Valley Region

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Sacramento & San Joaquin River Watershed Coalitions

For general Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) questions, please contact our Sacramento ILRP Office

  1. California Rice Commission
  2. Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (broken into 13 subwatersheds due to its large size)
  1. San Joaquin County & Delta Water Quality Coalition
  2. Westside San Joaquin River Watershed Coalition
  3. East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition
  4. Grassland Drainage Area
Tulare Lake Basin Area Coalitions

For general Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) questions, please contact our Fresno ILRP Office

  1. Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority
  2. Westlands Water Quality Coalition
  3. Kaweah Basin Water Quality Coalition
  4. Tule Basin Water Quality Coalition
  5. Cawelo Water District Coalition
  6. Westside Water Quality Coalition
  7. Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority
  8. Buena Vista Coalition

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