Draft 2008 California 303(d)/305(b) Integrated Report

Supporting Information

Regional Board 9 - San Diego Region

Water Body Name: San Diego Bay Shoreline, at Coronado Cays
Water Body ID: CAB9101000020041209191852
Water Body Type: Bay & Harbor
Pollutant: Copper
Final Listing Decision: List on 303(d) list (TMDL required list)
Last Listing Cycle's Final Listing Decision: List on 303(d) list (TMDL required list)(2006)
Revision Status Original
Sources: Source Unknown
Expected TMDL Completion Date: 2019
Impairment from Pollutant or Pollution: Pollutant
Weight of Evidence: This pollutant is being considered for placement on the section 303(d) list under section 3.1 of the Listing Policy. Under section 3.1 a single line of evidence is necessary to assess listing status.

One line of evidence is available in the administrative record to assess this pollutant. An adequate number of samples exceed the water quality objective.

Based on the readily available data and information, the weight of evidence indicates that there is sufficient justification in favor of placing this water segment-pollutant combination on the section 303(d) list in the Water Quality Limited Segments category.

This conclusion is based on the staff findings that:
1. The data used satisfies the data quality requirements in section 6.1.4 of the Policy.
2. The data used satisfies the data quantity requirements of section 6.1.5 of the Policy.
3. Seven of 8 samples exceeded the 3.1 ppb CTR chronic saltwater criteria and this exceeds the allowable frequency listed in Table 3.1 of the Listing Policy.
4. Pursuant to section 3.11 of the Listing Policy, no additional data and information are available indicating that standards are not met.
RWQCB Board Decision / Staff Recommendation: No new data were assessed for 2008. The decision has not changed.
SWRCB Board Decision / Staff Recommendation: After review of the available data and information, SWRCB staff concludes that the water body-pollutant combination should be placed on the section 303(d) list because applicable water quality standards are exceeded and a pollutant contributes to or causes the problem.
USEPA Decision:
Lines of Evidence (LOEs) for Decision ID 4793
LOE ID: 338
Pollutant: Copper
LOE Subgroup: Pollutant-Water
Matrix: Water
Fraction: Dissolved
Beneficial Use: Estuarine Habitat
Number of Samples: 8
Number of Exceedances: 7
Data Used to Assess Water Quality: Seven of 8 samples were in exceedance of the chronic standards. The location with no exceedances was at the Southern-most leg (SDRWQCB, 2004c).
Data Reference: Placeholder reference 2006 303(d)
Water Quality Objective/Criterion: From the CTR, the saltwater acute standard for copper is 4.8 ppb and the saltwater chronic standard is 3.1 ppb.
Objective/Criterion Reference: Placeholder reference 2006 303(d)
Evaluation Guideline:
Guideline Reference:
Spatial Representation: Samples were collected at the San Diego Bay shoreline, Coronado Cays, at the Southern-most leg, near Blue Anchor Cays street, next to the causeway, mid-area of Coronado Cays-south of causeway, next to sandy beach; NE leg and at the intersection of two waterways; North end of Cays.
Temporal Representation: Samples were collected on 05/20/2004.
Environmental Conditions:
QAPP Information: QA Info Missing
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