Section 401 Water Quality Certification Public Notice

SDPS 2 Outfall E004 Emergency Repairs

The San Francisco Region Water Quality Control Board is currently reviewing an application for the following project for water quality certification under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. We encourage public comments on the proposed work, which will be considered in the decision on certification. You may submit comments on this project to the staff member below.

Project Name:

SDPS 2 Outfall E004 Emergency Repairs

San Francisco, San Mateo County
Comment Period:

10/28/2022 - 11/18/2022
Project Description:

The structure is collapsing internally, and comparison of June and September inspections indicate the pipes are collapsing horizontally and vertically, with visible separation and stress at the pipe joints. Repair cannot be further delayed without near-future risk of total failure, which is a threat to sensitive environment (waters of the State), property, and disruption of an essential public service (Airport operations).
Project Files:

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Staff Contact:

Tahsa Sturgis
(510) 622-2316
Water Quality Control Board
1515 Clay Street, Ste 1400
Oakland, CA 94612