Site Cleanup Projects

The Water Board oversees site cleanup at over 1,000 sites in our region. Site cleanups are handled through the underground storage tank (UST) program or through the spills, leaks, investigations, and cleanups (SLIC) program. We address both fuel and solvent releases in the UST program. The Water Board directs responsible parties to investigate and clean up site contamination, in the process setting cleanup standards for each site. Click on the UST or SLIC link below for more information on the UST or SLIC programs (including Water Board staff assigned to cleanup sites in certain geographical areas). Click on the Site Cleanup Project Documents link if you want to see site-specific information about a particular site.

This page includes a list of the sites whose cleanup documents are of most interest to the public. It is not a comprehensive list of sites overseen by the Water Board, but rather those few sites with high public interest. The Water Board's site cleanup database, Geotracker, has a comprehensive list of sites we oversee, and includes most site documents for each site. If the site you're looking for does not appear on this list, you can access Geotracker online and check for site documents there.

For more information on how to do this, click on the following link: Geotracker Guide.


  • Santa Clara
  • Solano
  • Sonoma

Alameda County

Eden Housing San Leandro

Contra Costa County

Former Los Medanos Tank Farm

2360 Buchanan Road, Pittsburg (August 2007)

Hookston Station (Pleasant Hill)

Implementation Report for A-Zone Permeable Reactive Barrier

Off-Site A-Zone Investigation

Final Site Cleanup Requirements

Summer 2006 Indoor Air Sampling Program

July 2006 Feasibility Study

(entire pdf files)

Hookston Station and Adjacent Areas Community Working Group

Offsite Source Search

May 2006 Open House

Community Relations Plan

Groundwater and Soil Vapor Monitoring

Indoor Air Report

Site Cleanup Order

Remedial Investigation Report

Baseline Risk Assessment

Fact Sheet and Announcements

Hookston Area Additional Information

Remedial Design for A-Zone Permeable Reactive Barrier

Napa County

San Mateo County

SFPP, L.P. Brisbane Terminal

950 Tunnel Avenue, Brisbane, CA