Provision C.3 - New Development and Redevelopment

The goal of Provision C.3. is for the Permittees to use their planning authorities to include appropriate source control, site design, and stormwater treatment measures in new development and redevelopment projects to address both soluble and insoluble stormwater runoff pollutant discharges and prevent increases in runoff flows from new development and redevelopment projects. This goal is to be accomplished primarily through the implementation of low impact development (LID) techniques. Provision C.3. requires the submittal of a number of studies/reports, which will be posted on this page when they are submitted. Information related to any amendments to Provision C.3. of the MRP will also be posted on this page.

  • GI Plans (2019)
  • Revised Biotreatment Soil Specifications
  • Executive Officer Approval Letter of Revised Biotreatment Soil Specifications