Green Infrastructure Plans submitted in accordance with Permit Provision C.3.j.ii.(2)

Along with their Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Annual Reports, the Permittees submitted Green Infrastructure Plans (Plans) in accordance with Permit Provision C.3.j.ii.(2), for the inclusion of low impact development drainage design into storm drain infrastructure on public and private lands, including streets, roads, storm drains, parking lots, building roofs, and other storm drain infrastructure elements. The Plans are intended to serve as an implementation guide and reporting tool during this and subsequent Permit terms to provide reasonable assurance that urban runoff TMDL wasteload allocations (e.g., for the San Francisco Bay mercury and PCBs TMDLs) will be met, and to set goals for reducing, over the long term, the adverse water quality impacts of urbanization and urban runoff on receiving waters. Over the long term, the Plans are intended to describe how the Permittees will shift their impervious surfaces and storm drain infrastructure from gray, or traditional storm drain infrastructure where runoff flows directly into the storm drain and then the receiving water, to green—that is, to a more-resilient, sustainable system that slows runoff by dispersing it to vegetated areas, harvests and uses runoff, promotes infiltration and evapotranspiration, and uses bioretention and other green infrastructure practices to clean stormwater runoff. Should you have questions regarding these Plans, or to request electronic copies, please call Zachary Rokeach at (510) 622-2364 or email him at"