Stormwater Municipal Regional Permit Provision C.10 - Trash Load Reduction

The goal of the Stormwater Municipal Regiona Permit (MRP), Provision C.10. Trash Load reduction, is for the Permittees to reduce trash loads from municipal separate storm sewer systems by 40% by 2014, 70% by 2017, 80% by July 1, 2019, and 100% by 2022. Provision C.10. requires and contains options for the submittal of plans and studies. These plans and studies, and associated public comments, will be posted on this page as they are submitted.

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Documents of Current Interest

  • C.10 Trash Reduction Information Item Presented at the March 8, 2017 Board Meeting

  • Direct Trash Discharge Control Plans

  • The following documents were submitted pursuant to Stormwater Municipal Regional Permit, Order No. R2-2015-0049, Provision C.10.e.ii.
  • Comments on the Above Plans Received by San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Previously Posted MRP Related Plans and Documents (pre-November 2015)
  • Comments and Informational Submittals from Interested Parties received in the week prior to the September 12 Board Meeting