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MRP Permittee Trash Hot Spots

The 76 Permittees under the Municipal Regional Urban Runoff Stormwater NPDES Permit (MRP) have identified and selected 225 Trash Hot Spots as required by MRP Provision C.10.b Trash Hot Spot Selection and Cleanup. Permittees are required to select one Trash Hot Spot in high trash-impacted locations on State waters per 30,000 population, or one per 100 acres of Retail/Wholesale Commercial Land Area, within their jurisdictions, whichever is greater. Each Trash Hot Spot is a minimum of 100 yards of creek or 200 yards of shoreline. Permittees are required to clean up and assess these Hot Spots at least once annually. Assessment at a minimum entails describing the volume of trash removed, documenting the major trash types collected and taking before and after photos at prescribed distances.

Some of the Permittee Trash Hot Spot Pages contain links to Trash Hot Spot Assessment Data from Trash Hot Spot Cleanups and Photos of the Trash Hot Spots and Some Do Not – Permittees are expected to obtain photos and do Trash Hot Spot Cleanups before the end of this year. Permittees that chose to do cleanups and assessments after July 1, 2010 will report on assessments in the September 2011 Annual Reports.

If you have any questions, please contact Dale Bowyer by phone at 510-622-2323 or by e-mail at dbowyer@waterboards.ca.gov. Please include “Trash Hot Spot Comment” in the subject line. Thank you.

Trash Hot Spots for Population Based Permittees

Non-Population Based Permittee Trash Hot Spot and Trash Capture Assignments