MRP Permittee Trash Hot Spot Proposals

To Access the Permittee specific Trash Hot Spot Information, Click on the Permittee Name Link in the First Column of the Tables Below

Some of the Permittee Trash Hot Spot Pages contain links to Trash Hot Spot Assessment Data from Trash Hot Spot Cleanups and Photos of the Trash Hot Spots and Some Do Not – Permittees are required to obtain photos and do Trash Hot Spot Cleanups before the dry season ends in October of this year. Permittees that chose to do cleanups and assessments after July 1, 2010 will report on assessments in the September 2011 Annual Reports.

Table 10.1(a). Trash Hot Spots for Population Based Permittees

Solano County

CityPopulationMinimum # of Trash Hot Spots