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Stormwater Quality Standards Task Force

The Stormwater Quality Standards Task Force includes representatives from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, local counties, cities, environmental groups, and others interested in water quality issues within the Santa Ana Watershed. 

The Task Force was formed in 2003 to assist the Regional Board in providing the scientific and technical basis for modifications to existing bacteria quality objectives for recreational uses. Review of these objectives was identified as a high priority as part of the Triennial Review of the Basin Plan in 2002. In addition to recommendations for new objectives based on the best available science, the Task Force work has led to recommendations for changes in recreational use designations and implementation strategies.

The Task Force work effort includes a basin-wide assessment of the current conditions of receiving waters, the nature of recreational uses, and areas where additional data or information are needed.  The work of this Task Force has resulted in one of the most detailed photographic data collection efforts regarding recreational use in the country. The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) is a member of the Task Force and serves as the Task Force administrator.

Basin Plan amendment documentation is being prepared, including a staff report that describes the recommended changes in recreational standards and the scientific and technical rationale for the changes. The proposed modifications are expected to be considered by the Regional Board in early summer 2010. The Basin Plan amendment documentation will be made available for public review and comment at least 45 days prior to the public hearing at which the Regional Board will be asked to consider the amendments. This documentation and notice of the public hearing will be posted in advance on this and SAWPA’s website ( (see link below).

The SAWPA website includes links to the Stormwater Quality Standards Task Force, its work products, and relevant documentation, including statutes, regulations and guidance, considered by the Task Force in developing the proposed amendments. The Basin Plan amendment documentation will be posted when it is available.

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