San Bernardino County Municipal NPDES Storm Water Permit

San Bernardino County Municipal NPDES Storm Water Permit

Water Code Section 13383 Order to Submit Method to Comply With Statewide Trash Provisions

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) adopted statewide Trash Provisions to address the impacts trash has on the beneficial uses of surface waters.  The Trash Provisions establish a statewide water quality objective for trash and a prohibition of trash discharge, or deposition where it may be discharged, to surface waters of the State. For Phase I Co-permittees that have regulatory authority over Priority Land Uses, the Trash Provisions require implementation of the prohibition through requirements incorporated into Phase I MS4 Permits and/or through monitoring and reporting orders, by June 2, 2017.  Since the Trash Provisions have not yet been implemented through the San Bernardino County MS4 Permit, the Santa Ana Regional Board is implementing the initial steps of the Trash Provisions through the below orders in accordance with Water Code section 13383, as specified in the Trash Provisions.  Below are the 13383 Orders that were issued on June 2, 2017.

2018 Renewal of San Bernardino County Municipal NPDES Storm Water Permit

The Report of Waste Discharge for renewal of the San Bernardino County MS4 has been received and may be viewed at the following webpage:

Report of Waste Discharge (ROWD)

Current San Bernardino County Municipal NPDES Storm Water Permit

Order No. R8-2010-0036

For any questions regarding the San Bernardino County Municipal Storm Water Program, contact Keith Elliott at (951) 782-4925.

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Additional 2010 Permit Related Documents

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